Explorer Sea Scouts

Who Are We?

Explorers is for 13.5-18 year olds with an interest in Scouting and boats - You can be a beginner or a pro we don't mind. The images on the right give you an idea of the sorts of things we get up to.

How do I get involved?

Unfortunately our Explorer Unit is full to bursting at the moment, and there is no space available.  You are welcome to join the waiting list here, or you may wish to take a look at the other Explorer Units in the Warwick District here.

In the Summer

During the summer you will mostly find us on the river.  We canoe, kayak, row, sail or powerboat on the river, with trips up river to the weir, a little rafting, or some paddle boarding thrown in on the side.

In the Winter

Our winter programme is varied but includes rock climbing, pioneering (building stuff), talks from interesting people, team games, hikes and much more.


Southern 50 Challenge (50KM or 50mile) hike

Hikes in the Swiss Alps

Night hikes locally

Mountain Walks in the UK


Canoing an Kayaking on rivers

Sailing and SuPping across the Norfolk broads

Dinghy Sailing on lakes and the Solent

Powerboating in London and the Solent

Yacht Sailing in the Solent

Building our own boats


Friendship is a combination of loyalty, respect, and trust. True friendship is when someone knows you better than yourself and takes a position in your best interests in a crisis. Friendship goes beyond just sharing time together, and it is long lasting.

Explorers having fun and making some art.


Outdoor cooking using campfires and Gas

home made stoves to cook pancakes


Construction nights

Jailbreak Challenges

International Events


River Clean-up

Helping with younger sections

Cardboard House (sleeping rough)

Summer Events

Each year we arrange a camp somewhere, we have done Poole Harbour, Windermere, Norfolk Broads, Devon, Kandersteg (Switzerland) and Many more

Easter Events

As part of our Easter weekend in 2017, we sailed a yacht around the Isle of Wight, RIBbed to Cowes for dinner, returning in the dark, and sailed dinghies to the Isle of Wight.

On other occasions we have done a week on the French canals, canoe expeditions on the Norfolk broads and Powerboated and Sailed on the Thames in Central London.