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January 2020 News Update

Life Skills

Our scouts have been learning some great skills over the last term - from mending a bike puncture, changing a plug, drilling, plumbing, ironing to even learning how to change a tyre on a vehicle!

Thanks to all our leaders who can share all their amazing expertise with our youngsters!

Galanos House

It was an honour for some of our youngsters to visit Galanos House in December to meet residents and help write Christmas Cards.

Galanos House is a Royal British Legion Care Home in Southam and is home to 91 ex-servicemen and women and their dependents.

Cooking Skills

Our Scouts have been cooking up a storm as they cooked delicious meals over gas burners.

Some of the food was even edible!

Bridge Building

It seems appropriate as the building on our new HQ progresses that Scouts have a go at building themselves!

They designed some bridges to see what weight they could hold with mixed success. Probably good they haven't actually designed our new scout HQ!

Christmas Party

The Scouts loved their Christmas party at Jump In this year. The leaders joined in the fun as well.....

November 2019 News Update

Royal Navy Soccer Sixes - runners up in the plate competition!

Tradition has it that the last weekend in September is the Royal Navy Soccer Sixes competition when Royal Navy recognised Sea Scout Units from around the country compete at HMS Excellent in Portsmouth. Our team of scouts stayed on board the Type 82 Destroyer Hms Bristol Whale Island Portsmouth and enjoyed Navy catering in the junior rates mess!

With over 150 competitors, 2nd Warwick Scout team faced some stiff competition from Sea Scout teams around the country. Saturday morning saw our team play 9 matches. Ben was a safe pair of hands in goal, whilst Sam was solid in defence. Josh and Kareem dominating midfield with Abigail and Francesca as a lethal combination in attack and they managed to qualify for the plate semi-final on the Sunday!

Saturday night was spent watching a film after the evening meal and recreational time onboard HMS Bristol. A good night’s sleep was abruptly halted by ‘Call the Hands’ at 6:30am!

Our 3 goal win over Colchester put us in the final of the plate competition against Streatham. Unfortunately, we lost the final, despite dominant play around their goalmouth and shot after shot from the Warwick strikers and came runners up in the RN Soccer Sixes Plate.

Well done to our team who showed great tenacity, sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the event; and should be justly proud of the way they represented the Group!

Scout Section Opening Evenings

Both Scout sections ran open evenings in October, which gave parents an opportunity to see some of the activities that the Scouts get involved with. Each patrol ran a base, which included making pancakes from a camp kitchen, toasting marshmallows on an open fire, a first aid incident, rigging a sailing dinghy, kayak capsizes on dry land and wood engraving burning.

The evening also included a presentation, particularly for the new Scouts and parents, on the annual two week summer camp. The Scouts who went to the 2019 camp in Wensleydale particularly enjoyed watching a slide show, reminding them of the many fun activities they got up to. You can view the slide show here

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A group of parents closed the evening by performing Colours, much to the amusement of the Scouts and their own children. They actually did a really good job, getting everything done in the right order!