Phase 2: New HQ

Find out more about the fire and progress on our new HQ build and how we need £4k to complete build!

In February our new HQ building site was the victim of a major fire but work has now begun again!

We now have a target completion date of December 2020 for the shell; then moving on to fitting out our new Scout HQ to hopefully open our doors in April 2021

You can find out more below and also find more photos here: New HQ Build & Fire Damage Photos

You can make a donation to help us fully fund the build and fit out the hut in 2021: Click to donate!

Summer 2020: The damaged structure was removed and the steel frame and roof replaced

The fire was so intense that it had warped the steel structure and damaged the roof and walls, with the flames also causing damage to the leisure centre next door (which has now been fully repaired). The roof, wall and about a quarter of the steel structure needed to be replaced but the entire steel frame had to be taken off site to be cleaned and repainted. Over The Summer the replacement structure has been erected on site, with the roof panels being craned into place. By the end of September we will have restored the building to the state it was in before the fire.

Damaged frame being removed from site

Site cleared and Leisure Centre repaired

New/repainted frame erected on site

New roof being lifted into place


We still need £4k to complete building our new HQ (plus £16k final retention payment in June 2021) as well as additional funds to fit out the building to open our doors to our youngsters and local community by Easter 2021.

Please visit our Funding Update for more information and to find out how you can help or email

Phase 2 'Building a Future': Our new HQ

The 2nd phase of our new HQ project is to build a new HQ in St Nicholas Park, Warwick, next to the Leisure Centre.

The new HQ facility will have one large main hall, a training room, boat maintenance room, equipment storage, toilets, changing rooms, kitchen and access to suit anybody with physical disabilities.

A new HQ will build our future by:

    • Providing a larger meeting place for and allow us to open new Beaver and Cub packs

    • Increasing the number of youngsters who can join in, whilst providing the best possible scouting experience

    • Providing a new community resource in a central, strategic location in Warwick

    • Guaranteeing the future of the only local Sea Scout Group in Warwick and one of the best in the country

    • Providing for disadvantaged youngsters and those with disabilities

2020 is our 60th anniversary year Help us build our new HQ to celebrate!

We broke ground on Phase 2 of our 'Building a Future Project' in November 2019 and hope to complete the building of the shell by December 2020.

For more details on the project or to discuss supporting the construction of the new HQ through donating items or services please contact

Thank you to everyone for their messages of support since the fire at our new HQ building site.

In February our new HQ was the victim of an arson attack. No one was injured in the fire but the damage to the building was extensive.

We had started building our HQ next to St Nicholas Park Leisure Centre in Warwick in November 2019, with the ground having been cleared, the foundations put in place and the steel structure erected. The roof and one wall had just been completed when they were the victim of an arson attack on site on 29th February 2020.

Since the fire, work on site was put on hold while the police investigation was concluded and our insurance claim was processed; which unfortunately took longer than usual due to Covid-19, but was settled in full. Getting the building work back underway was also delayed due to Coronavirus restrictions but work finally began to clear the site in July.

‘It was shocking to get the call on Saturday night that our new scout hut was on fire. When I arrived, it was dark and smoke was everywhere. It wasn’t until daylight that I could see the extent of the damage, which was devastating to see. Since then we have been overwhelmed by all the support; kind words and positive messages we have received. We’d like to thank everyone again who has helped us with our new HQ project to help us get to this point. We are still really excited about what an amazing facility it will be, not only for our youngsters but as a new community resource for Warwick.'

Viv Bosworth, Chair, 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts

On Saturday 29th February at 8.10pm a fire broke out in our new HQ building, that was under construction.

February 2020: Our new roof cladding has arrived and the roof is now in place!

November 19: Greswolde Construction begin work on site!

January 2020: The entrance to our new scout HQ will be between these foundation pads!

February 2020: Our steel structure has arrived and is now in place!