Why Support Scouting?

The benefits of Scouting

Scouting is about having fun, building good relationships, and taking part in activities that contribute to the community and improve life chances. Scouting develops the leaders of today and tomorrow. 

Scouting helps businesses 

Scouting develops social skills for young people & leaders

87% of Scouts think Scouting helps them contribute more to their community

84% of Scouts think Scouting improved their character & personal development

82% of Scouts think Scouting improved their leadership ability

80% of Scouts think Scouting improved confidence and teamwork

Scouting improves employment chances for young people

41% of organisations said if Scouting was on a CV it would be a positive influence on their appointment

33% of Explorers believe that Scouting has given them greater skills for employment and volunteering

88% said Scouting helped them at school and in employment

Scouting helps provide a valuable community resource

84% of Scouts take part in some form of community service 

41% of Scouts volunteer for other charitable organisations

Scouts grow up to have better mental health at age 50

Scouts are 15% less likely to suffer from anxiety or mood disorders at the age of 50 than their peers who didn’t join a Scout Group