Who are Beaver Scouts?

Beaver Scouts are (currently) the youngest members of the Scouting family at 2nd Warwick. They are boys and girls aged 6-8 years. We have two Colonies that meet:

Avon Colony - Monday evening from 6:00 to 7:00pm 

Leam Colony - Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00

At our new Scout Hut in the park, though we don't meet during school holidays.

During their time in the Colony , Beaver Scouts will play games, make things, listen to stories and learn about themselves, their community and the world around us.

Hopefully this will include parties, visits, meeting interesting people and even a Beaver Scout sleepover. Because they are part of a Sea Scout Group they also get the opportunity to get out on the water (under close supervision) in canoes, kayaks, small rowing boats and trips in our rovers with leaders.

Most of all Beaver Scouts (and their leaders and helpers) have FUN! 

Teamwork & Nights Away

Our Beavers usually get to try out sleeping away from home. This is usually indoors somewhere but occasionally they camp. Working In teams or Lodges is all part of the fun.


Beavers love a good walk, both in daylight and at night and are usually met at the finish line with a bag of chips.

Building & Imagination

Beavers love to build things and use their imagination, everything from dressing up to bridge building.

Cooking & Food

From Cake in a mug to ... visits to supermarkets to get behind the scenes

Water Activities

We get out and have a go at Canoing, Kayking, Rowing and a trip to Draycote to try our hands at Sailing


Fun and Friends is the core part of Beavers, Beavers have fun whatever they are doing.