Funding Requirements

We are about to launch our final phase of funding to renovate our boathouse. We will update you here soon on our target and how you can help!

In the meantime please contact if you would like to help us complete the final phase of our 'Building a Future' project.

Can you, your company or trust make a contribution to help us ‘Build a Future’?

For a gift of £500 or more we will include you on our funders board 

Remember Gift aid can increase the value of any personal donation by 25% and higher rate tax payers can get tax relief on donations. 

On a £1,000 donation could be made by a basic rate tax-payer only paying £800, as we can claim £200 back in tax. With tax-relief a 40% tax payer net cost would only be £600.

For major donations please complete our gift aid declaration opposite or contact us on 

Here is our donation and gift aid form to download

Donation Form - March 2021.pdf