What do we do?

Scouting Activities

We provide many activities as part of scouting here are some of the ones you might enjoy at 2nd Warwick

Local Activites

We are lucky to have the park and the river on our doorstep, allowing us to do regular outdoor activities in the park. We also have a group membership of Draycote Water Sailing Club which allows us to sail on a larger piece of water. Local activities include:

Wide games




Power boating


Raft building


And many more…

Further afield

All sections camp at least once a year, and we offer many more activities during those camps, these may include:

Crate stacking


Pedal karts

Go karting

Yacht sailing

White water kayaking

And many more...

As part of the activities of the group, members can reach the stage of obtaining their own Activity Permit, this could be in anything from archery to power boating. 

Boating on the river

We are lucky to have the river right outside our back doors and make as much use of it as we can.

All of our sections from Beavers to Explorers get out on the river, with the Beavers taking part in taster sessions in Rowing, canoing and Kayking. Cubs doing about 6 sessions of boating of Pulling, Rowing, Kayaking and Canoing.

The scouts and Explorers both take part in Rowing, Pulling, Sailing, Kayaking and Canoeing, with Rafting and Stand up Paddle Boarding thrown in to mix it up a little.

In 2018 to have our jetties and slipways renovated as part of our Building a Future Strategy, this will be a major improvement 

We are currently working towards renovating our old HQ as a shiny new boathouse

Sailing At Draycote Water

We are lucky to have a monthly trip to Draycote to enjoy sailing on bigger water than the river outside the scout hut, we store the majority of our sailing boats there. We have 10 sessions per year with the Beavers and Cubs having a taster session in July.

The Scouts and Explorers enjoy the remainder of the sessions from April to November making use of the 650 acres of water.


Getting outside is an integral part of scouting, and what could be better than camping?

We have a variety of campsites that we use with different age ranges and lengths of camp

The beavers tend to do one night at a time in a building away from home

The cubs do a mix of indoor and camping weekends usually fairly local, with a range of exciting activities

The Scouts have weekend camps locally and two week summer camp further afield (Lake District, Snowdonia, Devon)

The Explorers usually do a long weekend over Easter and a week in the summer

Balanced Program 

Providing  Scouts with a programme that is both balanced and exciting is one of the most rewarding challenges for our leaders.

The young people are encouraged to not only take part but also lead some programme elements. This could be showing a skill as a Beaver or running an entire evening as a Scout. 

We offer young people a range of activities, events and experiences built around a number of programme zones. We balance the programme in the same way you’d balance a diet, by simply ensuring that there is something from each zone in the programme over a given period (a month or a term, for example).

Young people experience Scouting by regularly taking part in quality activities, drawn from each programme zone. Personal achievement can be recognised by earning awards and badges leading to the Chief Scout’s Awards and the Queen’s Scout Award.

Find out more at www.scouts.org.uk/supportresources