Scouting Activities

Activities are an integral part of Scouting, and they are what makes it so exciting for the young people involved.

Scouting as a whole undertakes activities from abseiling to canoeing; gang shows to mountain biking; orienteering to sailing – and so on! For a list of activities Scouts can do, please see the Activities A-Z on the UK Scout Association’s website.

Local Activites

We are lucky to have the park and the river on our doorstep, allowing us to do regular outdoor activities in the park. We also have a group membership of Draycote Water Sailing Club which allows us to sail on a larger piece of water. Local activities include:

Wide games


And many more…

Further afield

All sections camp at least once a year, and we offer many more activities during those camps, these may include:

And many more...

As part of the activities of the group, members can reach the stage of obtaining their own Activity Permit, this could be in anything from archery to power boating. Details of the scheme, how to apply, and the theory quiz for the Scout rules part of a water application are available here.

Permit application and quiz