3 Lakes Challenge

Two 11 year old Scouts completed the British Canoeing ‘Three Lakes Challenge’ 

in September 2016 to raise funds our new HQ

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Congratulations to Bethany Ellis and Francis Fowler, who overcame some very challenging Scottish weather to complete the British Canoeing 3 Lakes challenge. They paddled the length of the longest lakes in England, Scotland and Wales in order to raise funds for 2nd Warwick Sea Scout’s Hut Appeal. 

  Read all about Bethany and Francis in the Leamington Observer

Read about the whole team's adventure on the British Canoeing Website 

They were both part of the youngest team ever to complete it (with a group of friends, all of whom are home-educated). Bethany also now holds the record for the youngest girl, at the age of 11 to complete it in a solo craft. They have also raised over £800 for their new scout HQ, but are still hoping to raise over £1,000. We think this is an amazing challenge to have taken on and deserves everyone's support.


‘We need a new hut because the one we have is falling apart! 


Bethany, 11 year old Scout, youngest girl to complete the 3 Lakes Challenge.

On day 1 they paddled Lake Bala in Wales, the smallest of the three lakes at just 7 miles all round and was a good gentle start for them, before heading into the Lake District where they tackled the 11 miles of Lake Windermere the next day in sunshine.

The final lake they had to conquer was Loch Awe, Scotland. After a break to travel up to Scotland they arrived to find the weather forecast was pretty bad. So that had a delayed start to avoid the worst weather but braved the torrential rain to begin their challenge. The Loch was pretty choppy at times but they made it to their overnight wild camp on an island in the middle of the Loch, right beneath the amazing ruins of Innisconnel castle.

‘The best part was camping on the island with a castle and a bonfire when the rain stopped! The hardest bit was staying paddling on day one on Loch Awe when the weather was so wet and windy and the waves were huge.’ 

Bethany Ellis

After a soggy night's camping they woke to sunshine, so got a campfire going and were able to dry off and explore the island before heading off on the final leg to complete their challenge.

‘It was wonderful to watch them work together, especially as they overcame unfamiliar and difficult situations, coping with wind, rain and horrible weather but they didn’t whinge once! Just full of enthusiasm and interest! An amazing achievement!’           

Jenna Saunders, Head Coach, Leam Boat Centre (who accompanied them on the trip)