Make a regular Donation as a 'Friend of 2nd Warwick'

We are calling on current & former members and their families and members of the local community to come together to support the future of the Group.

By everyone joining together and making a contribution they can afford, you can see how as a community we can raise £200k. 

Tax efficient gifts are very effective. A higher rate taxpayer can claim tax relief on any gift-aided donations made. 

Higher rate tax payers can get tax relief on donations. 

For £1,000 donation it would only cost a basic rate tax-payer £800, with tax-relief a 40% take payer net cost would only be £600.

Can you spare £10, £25 of £50 a month to help us 'Build a Future'?

As a 'Friend of 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts' we are asking you to make a monthly contribution of whatever you can afford to help build funds to 'Build a Future' by our 60th anniversary.

Remember Gift aid can increase the value of any personal donation by 25%

£10 a month over 2 years would raise £240 (£300 with gift aid)

£25 a month over 2 years would raise £600 (£750 with gift aid)

£50 a month over 2 years would raise £1,200 (£1,500 with gift aid)

If 100 people chose to donate £10 a month it would raise £30,000!

Becoming a 'Friend of 2nd Warwick' is really easy!

                                 Please down load the form below & return to the address on the form,                                 then set up a regular payment in 1 of 2 ways:

Either - direct through your bank with a standing order                                                                                                               (To 'New Hut Fund'; Account Number: 24928768; Sort Code 30-99-15)

Or - Through Golden Giving - click here!- our new on-line donation page                                                                                                 (15p card processing fee will be deducted on each payment for a debit card)

You can request to keep in touch with our news by receiving copies of our newsletters.

For more information contact us on 

Donation & Gift Aid Form.pdf