Bonfire Night

We have been doing a bonfire night party every year since the late 90s. 

Unfortunately, we have grown out of the farmer's field we had been using for years and are looking for a new venue, with more hard standing for car parking.

If you can think of an area we can hold a bonfire night party for 150-200 people, a 15' bonfire, a hog roast and a bar with a Marquee or similar for accommodation.

Let's keep the tradition alive!

Visit Jordan's Fireworks, 14 High Street, Leamington, CV31 3AN

In conjunction with Jordans Fireworks

Jordan's Fireworks have supported our Bonfires for many years.  This year, if you take in a 2nd Warwick necker and buy some sparklers they will donate £1 for every pack purchased to us!   

You don't need to buy any fireworks, but they have a great range and can give you helpful advise if you are going to try your own display this year!