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May 2020 News Update

VE Day Celebrations

Cubs learnt lots about life during the war, and what happening on VE Day and even had a go at some war-time recipes!


Since we can't meet together at the moment, lots of Cubs, leaders and young leaders joined in with Camp@Home, where the whole group camped in their gardens on in an indoor den on Saturday 2nd May. It looked like everyone had a brilliant time!

Here are just some of the things that our Cubs got upt to: cooking yummy meals outside, drinking hot chocolate, eating Marshmallows, sleeping (!), making a vlog with pancakes, sparklers and a fire, having a dog for company in the tent, making great film the tent being pitched, eating ice lollies, having very scary hair, making a lovely cooked breakfast, playing hide and seek in the dark, looking for hedgehogs and bats.

It’s not very often you get to enjoy your garden at night and our Cubs certainly made the most of it.

We done to 2nd Warwick Cubs!

We also had fun making this necker throw challenge!

Lockdown Activities! The Cubs have been keeping themselves very busy at home in other ways too

Cubs joined in the 'Clap for Carers' and renewed their promise on St Georges Day and lots sent Easter Card to Galanos House, our local Royal British Legion Care home.

Lots of Badge Work

In March, lots of Cubs were presented with badges, after all the hard work they'd been doing over the term.

They are continuing to work towards badges at home, badges earnt include Artist, Home Help, Skills and even Astronomy!

Congratulations to Jamie on receiving his Chief Scouts Silver Award, the highest honour a Cub can achieve. Well done!

Cubs also enjoyed a visit to WAGS in February to support Gabs who was part of the cast!

January 2020 News Update

Frosty Frigate 60

Autumn 2019 saw the Cubs away on two camps. Highlights of Frosty Frigate 60 in Portsmouth included:

• Standing/jumping/tip-toeing across the glass walkway on the observer deck of the 170 metre high Spinnaker Tower.

• Venturing inside a WW2-era submarine, including a look through the periscope at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum.

• Getting as close as possible [for civilians] to the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.

• Exploring inside the decks of HMS Warrior, a 19th century iron-hulled battleship. Testing the hammocks was a popular activity.

• The guided tour of HMS Victory, Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar. Cubs managed to clear the extremely low deck ceilings, leaders had some near misses. Gory mannikins of cannon-mutilated soldiers in the surgery were a hit.

Sixer/Seconder weekend

The older Cubs had a Sixer and Seconder camp at the Alfrey Activity Centre Broadwater near Meriden, activities included:

• The assault course and shelter building activities provided excellent opportunities to collect significant quantities of mud :-)

• Despite the rain the Cubs learnt how to safely prepare, light and maintain a campfire, and successfully cooked their own food.

• Some Cubs managed to observe the Geminids meteor shower, visible above the dusk horizon.

• The climbing wall and shooting provided contrasting physical challenges.

Back at HQ, many new Cubs have now joined the pack. Lots of badges have been earned, and plenty more challenges await the newcomers.

William and Toby received their Chief Scout's Silver Award, and have been sent on their way up to Scouts – farewell and good luck!

Victorian Evening

Our cubs had great fun at Warwick Victorian Evening in November when they swapped their uniforms for a more historical look!

Thanks to everyone who visited our bottle spinner stall and helped us raise another £250 for our new HQ!

November 2019 News Update

Cubs made the most of the evening twilight before the clocks went back with a walk up the hill to the triangulation station at Radford Semele.

Back at the hut, they learned to send & receive secret messages using cipher wheels and invisible ink.

They used these decryption skills at the 'Kenilworth Castle Challenge' to break the code puzzle, alongside 600 hundred other Cubs from Warwickshire.

It was also great to see so many cubs at the Remembrance Day celebrations - here's 3 of them having a bit of fun after the parade!

Mai and Robert received their Chief Scout's Silver Award; the highest award a Cub can get; and together with Millie and Elizabeth these Cubs have now been sent on their way to Scouts – farewell and good luck!

We’ve plenty of new faces in the pack, and are looking forward to adventures together through winter into the New Year.

Our older cubs also enjoyed attending the recent Scout Open Evening when they learnt all about the 2 week Scout Summer Camp. It's happening from 19th July to 1st August 2020, so keep those dates free!