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You can see recent photographs and videos from Explorers here: Explorer Photo Gallery Explorer Videos

December 2021 News Update

Explorers made the most of 'outdoor' Scouting by playing with fire and as soon as activities began again in 2021 they got out on the water on the river and at Draycote and got away on camp too!

November 2020 we spent in the great outdoors playing with fire and exploring the darker side of Warwick's past with the ghoul trail of Warwick.

When we started activities in 2021 we thought go big or go home (and we did a bit of both). We managed 8 Draycote sailing sessions this year for Scouts and Explorers together. We were not able to go away at Easter but we did kick off our boating season on the river having fun in kayaks, pioneers, canoes, SUPs and powerboating!

As we headed for the summer we were lucky enough to be able to organise a summer camp and what a camp it was! We were lucky with the weather and took full advantage of it, we walked and mountain biked in Sherwood forest, sailed, canoed, kayaked and rafted on the lake that was right next to the tents. We also got the chance to do high ropes and an inflatable assault course on the water and even tried our hands at flying with the local gliding club!

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As we moved towards Autumn we had the opening of the new HQ, TS Norton, by Scout Adventurer Sal Montgomery, which was a relief to many who thought they would never see the day. It's great those who have grown up through the group from Beavers can now benefit from it.

We have had some fun projects this term including bridge building, a talk about Wimbledon and the Olympic games, wide games in the park, done sections of the nautical skills badge, set fire to stuff and before Christmas we are going to the Laserquest in Coventry!

September 2020 News Update

Explorers have met online or virtually every week, except for when thunderstorms stopped play!

The explorers have had quite a summer all things considered, some helped out with "scout camp" in Warwick but also got out doing weekly activities outdoors.

It has been a challenge running face to face meetings for the last couple of months but the young people have been excellent, careful and respectful of others who need to be more careful. One upside is that the canoes and kayaks are cleaner now than they have ever been.

The explorers have done Dinghy sailing at draycote, Stand up Paddleboard expeditions and a lot of paddling on the river in Warwick.

As we roll into autumn and the light disappears we will be moving from the water to land activities and where possible for the near future at least doing as much outside as possible so this term is going to include some fires, cooking on them and working on scouting skills with a few hikes and a night bike thrown in for good measure.

Playing a fairly full on game of kayak polo with quite a few capsizes but lots of skills being unknowingly put into practice!

The Explorers were lucky to have some fantastic daytime and evening sailing at Draycote over the Summer

SUP Adventures on the River Avon

Paddling up to Warwick Castle; an amazing view from the river!

May 2020 News Update

Explorers had a busy couple of months before they had to move to #ScoutingAtHome!

They've been pioneering (making bridges from one side of the scout hut to the other); learning all about land navigation making route cards and a night hike (arriving back at 3am!) ; taking part in the District Shooting Competition; met the 'street doctors' who are medical students who deal with stabbings; cooked pancakes on 'can' stoves and went to see WAGS

Lots of our Scouts, Explorers and older Cubs attended WAGS (Warwickshire Gang Show) at the Royal Spa Centre in February. It was a fantastic evening’s entertainment and everyone enjoyed supporting the 2nd Warwick members taking part with 3 of our Explorers taking part.

Well done Grace, Isobel and Lauren, and one of our Leaders, Hannah!

In February, our Scouts and Explorers took part in the annual District shooting competition. On a combined rifle and pistol score, Joey was the top Scout in the whole district – well done!

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Pancake cooking on self-made stoves!

During lockdown we have been meeting regularly by 'Zoom' with 20 Explorers joining each week

We have had 6 weeks of zoom meetings: a nautical quiz, 'who's the baby'; played 'taskmaster', '8 our of 10 explorers do countdown' and even tried virtual cooking! We also took part in the Camp@Home

Our Group necker throw challenge!

Our Zoom Cooking session making Lamb Tagine!

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The Camp@Home was great fun when we slept out in our gardens on 2nd May along with lots of other members of the group!

January 2020 News Update

Boat building

Since the last newsletter we have had a full range of Wednesday evenings; we did a little of the following:

  • Night hike and Navigation

  • Strava art (drawing in the park using the GPS log on phones)

  • Disability Awareness

  • We had the street doctors in to teach us about emergency first aid "in town"

  • We made street food from around the world.

  • tried Yoga with a professional Yogi

  • and a few more besides

Next week we are going to have an epic night hike from Kineton back to Warwick.

We have trips to look forward to as well. At Easter we are heading to London to do some boating in the Docklands and maybe on the River Thames.

We are also just beginning to sort out our Summer camp in Norfolk so watch this space!

Yoga - and breathe....

November 2019 News Update

Summer Camp Trip to Kandersteg, International Scout Centre

The explorer unit have had a busy term after our summer trip to Kandersteg (Kandersteg Photos) where we did everything from swimming in glacial lake and white water rafting to hiking to remote Mountain huts to spend the night; the second of which had its own cable car for delivering supplies as it is an hours hike up from the road 600m vertically!

You can see more photos from our trip here: Kandersteg Photos

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We had a great turn out from Explorers at Remembrance Day Parade

We have an interesting mix of activities on a weekly basis and have been continuing to build our two wooden boats that hopefully we will be testing on the river in the summer.

We have done a wide-game on the racecourse which adds some interest a and extra challenge, as there is much less light there than in St Nicks park!

Those lucky enough not to work at the weekends have joined us at Draycote water to do some sailing. This Wednesday we will be trying a little yoga, broaden the mind and see how inflexible some of the adults are!

A number of explorers have or are about to finish their DoE & Chief Scout Bronze/Platinum awards this term so well done to them!