Phase 2: New HQ

Phase 2 of our New HQ Initiative

The 2nd phase of our new HQ project is to build a new HQ in St Nicholas Park, Warwick, next to the Leisure Centre.

The new HQ facility will have one large main hall, a training room, boat maintenance room, equipment storage, toilets, changing rooms, kitchen and access to suit anybody with physical disabilities.

Our aim is to continue to be one of the best Royal Navy Recognised Groups in the country, offering the best scouting experience to more local youngsters, whilst supporting our local community.

To do this we need a new larger meeting place as our current hut is in a bad state of repair.

It will also allow us to open up a new Beaver and Cub pack and expand our Scouts and Explorers.

A new HQ will build our future by:

    • Providing a larger meeting place for and allow us to open new Beaver and Cub packs
    • Increasing the number of youngsters who can join in, whilst providing the best possible scouting experience
    • Providing a new community resource in a central, strategic location in Warwick
    • Guaranteeing the future of the only local Sea Scout Group in Warwick and one of the best in the country
    • Providing for youngsters with disabilities

We have designed the building to allow it to be built in two separate phases as sufficient funds are secured. The goal, however, is to build the HQ in its entirety in one phase. You can see on our plans what the building would look like if only phase 1 were built initially. Only the side and rear elevations are affected by this.

Phase 1 includes everything that would be required to hold our Beaver, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer meetings in the new building, including main hall, kitchen, toilets and meeting rooms. We would move into the new building as soon as this phase is complete.

Phase 2 is a single skin, insulated area that includes camp equipment storage, safety boat storage and a boat workshop. These are currently in other sites and would remain there until phase 2 is built. Once complete both phases will look like one coherent building, no matter whether they were built at the same time or in two phases

Our 60th anniversary is in 2019 Help us build our new HQ to celebrate!

We still need £250k to build our new HQ along with significant donated items to fit out the building.

Can you or your company donate the windows, doors, a commercial kitchen, heating system, tiles, flooring, paint, lighting, toilets, shower or electrics?

We will be celebrating our 60th birthday on 23rd November 1959 and aim to have broken ground to celebrate!

Please visit our Funding Update for more information and to find out how you can help.

For more details on the project or to discuss supporting the construction of the new HQ through donating items or services please contact