Phase 1: Jetty & Boatyard

Phase 1 of our New HQ Initiative

The 1st phase of our new HQ project is to renovate/extend our jetties and build a new boatyard during 2018.

After over 50 years of use the two slipways, and three jetties, which provide us with access to the water, are showing significant signs of wear.

One slipway and one of the jetties are now unusable through degradation and erosion of the riverbank (accelerated through the disturbance caused by the Charter Bridge foundations).

The other slipway, although concrete above the water, was timber below which is now rotted away. It is also too steep to meet modern safety guidelines as it currently sits. We also need to extend the length of our jetties to allow us to return an old storage yard back to parkland further along the river (at the former Sailing Club), from where we currently launch some of our boats on an old jetty.

To continue to provide safe access to the river for young people and members of the public, who will continue to have open access to the jetties, the Group needs to take urgent and immediate action.

We have just secured our final funding for the jetty redevelopment thanks to a huge £82k grant from WREN and aim to undertake the work during Autumn 2018.; having raised over £125k!

We still need £20k to complete the boatyard work for his phase - please visit our Funding Update for more information.

Our new boatyard and jetties

We made a substantive start in Nov 2017 when we erected our 1st fence post