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Our Fleet

 We have a large and varied fleet

Sailing Boats

We have quite a selection, from The Rover capable of taking 8 in comfort, 3x Topaz Trez, 2x Comet Versa, 2x Laser 2000, 2x Laser, 3x Rover, 12x Toppers, 3x RS Fevas new in 2017


 Rowing Boats

We have a variety of Rowing or Pulling boats as well, starting with Pioner 8's for the smaller children, through to the Rovers, we also have a couple of sliding seat Yole's that add a little something into the mix.


Paddle Sports

We have been lucky enough to replace the vast majority of the kayaks over the last couple of years so dont have many photos but... With both Canoes and Kayaks on the fleet we have a range modern boats suitable for all sizes.

Other Boats

we also have a range of safety boats and useful other craft, with several small powerboats suitable for teaching sailing or safety on the river, and one made for a specific event that is quite amusing too