Wicked winter weekend – 2006

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:39 by Dave Tomlin   [ updated 21 Nov 2016, 04:55 ]

On Friday thirteenth of January, 50 scouts, and a few of us explorers, turned up at the scout hut complete with a ton of kit. (Some of which is still there) It was the start of a long, tiring weekend that turned out to be a lot of fun.

Friday was simple, get everyone settled down watching Pirates of the Caribbean and then go to bed?or not as it turned out. Thump thump thump was the noise that was heard downstairs where we were 'sleeping'. We played cards all through the night and all through to the morning after deciding it wasn't worth going to sleep in the end.

Everyone woke refreshed and enthusiastically in the morning, yeah right! Breakfast was handed out and they set to cooking it in their groups and then eating it. After everything was cleared away, those that wanted to kayak went kayaking and those that didn't did fire lighting or pioneering.

Those that went pioneering built an amazing assault course consisting of a swinging bridge, rope bridge, a ladder up a tree and other things. The firelighters built fires from wood they collected nearby and made dampers. I tasted one of these things, I was handed a stick with damper mixture on it (flour, water and salt) that had been charred on the outside. Apparently it was cooked. The kayakers tested some kayaks from Leam Boat Center and generally paddled around. What was even more fun was that everyone did the activities in the rain! I was soaked.

After lunch the highland games began with chase the haggis or in other words, chasing the explorers round the park in a relay with a rather fetching hat as a 'baton'. Next was the three-legged race in which we put an explorers team in only we had four people so it was more six legged. No one fell over but loads of people tried to cheat. I shall say no names.

To finish the highland games there were four more activities- welly wanging, tossing balloons filled with porridge, the assault course and the earth ball. A lot of people got very muddy but there were smiles all round, especially at the end of the assault course. The equipment was speedily put away and then everyone walked the incredibly long way to the swimming pool where we splashed around on the Viking boat thing and the floats.

To finish the day off, everyone watched Oceans Eleven whilst eating popcorn and then went to sleep eventually.

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Wicked Winter Weekend 2006