HMS Bristol Div 1 Report 2004

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Friday - 28/5/04 - 16:30 - We left home with high hopes that traffic would not slow us down too much. With a long journey ahead of us, we worried that we would not make it on time.

19:30 - We arrived in Portsmouth with time to spare, so we decided to get some tea at the local Fish & Chip shop. Then we went straight to the ship.

19:45 - We arrived at the ship, and we started to see familiar faces about the base. We were put with people from mixed scout troops to further the experience. We met our D.O. called Guy and our two A.D.O's called Rich and James.

22:30 - We had settled ourselves into our surroundings and lay down for a fun-packed week!!

1:00 - Still not asleep due to everyone being so excited that they can't sleep.
Saturday - 29/5/04 - 6:45 - Wake up from a night of six hours of sleep!! March to breakfast, which tasted good!! 

8:00ish - Our first activity of the day was a drill session from an army commander. A hot morning when everyone was tired didn't go down too well.

9:30ish - We all had to have a picture taken of the bow of the ship. (Picture available in photo section of this report).

12:30ish (Sorry can't remember any of the times!!) - March to lunch. Then the afternoon activity was visiting the submarine museum. Where we went on board a submarine and had a look around.

17:00ish - The usual things, freeplay, dinner, bed. 
Sunday - 30/5/04 - 7:00 - Wake Up, Breakfast, get ready (It is a bit repetitive I admit, but it's fun!!)

9:00 - Action Stations was our day-long activity. It was one of the best things we did. In this Building you get to do all kinds of things, like go on a kayaking simulator on white water, fly a helicopter simulator, be in control of a warships weapons department, use a key to find out names of warships, run across a minefield, solve a jigsaw, answer a questionnaire, untangle yourselves out of ropes, fire guns at opposing ships and find out what kind of careers there are in the navy. That was just the morning. 

13:00 - After lunch, we were asked to make rockets, using the points we earned in the morning top buy various things like washing up bottles. We tried them out a certain amount of points were gave to each team. Later we were set a challenge, to crack different kinds of codes including ciphers etc. Finally we went on a GPS Trail around the town of Southsea, to find our radio diode, which we then used to complete the radio. After waiting for the bus to take us back for half an hour, we set off back to the ship.

18:00ish - "The usual"

20:00ish - We had a yachting brief in the evening, to find out which boats we were going on the next day. There are three yachts, St Amaryllis, Alexander Fairey, and the biggest Bulldog. I ended up going in the Alexander Fairey.
Monday - 31/5/04 - 6:30ish - Wake up to the sheer joy of going on the yachts today. We were first into breakfast. We gulped it down, to board the yachts as quickly as we could. Our crew consisted of a captain, a first mate and six scouts. We set sail out of the harbour and into the Solent.

10:00ish - A round of very "sugarish" tea kept us all going on board. The yacht looks quite small from the outside, but when you get in it is massive, there is enough room to sleep six people, there is a toilet and a kitchen area and also a chart area where we had to find out where we were every so often.

12:30 - Long awaited sandwiches, filled us up for lunch. 

16:45ish - Terrible news, low on water and fuel for oven, in a Southampton Dock with an hour and a quarter until we had to get back. All lunch and dinner had to be cooked on board the yacht. With Jacket Potato waiting to get in the oven and no fuel we were stuck.

18:00 - We got back very tired, we just forgot about the potatoes and had sausages instead.

20:00 - "The usual"

Tuesday - 1/6/04 - 6:30ish - Wake up, march to breakfast.

8:30ish - The morning activity was visiting Fort Nelson, but half of us went Horse Riding, Fort Nelson was cool, and it made you realise how much people fought to defend our country

13:00 - The daily gun firing from a tank. IT WAS VERY LOUD !!!

13:05 - We were off to Horse Riding now, when we got there we changed into our kit. My horse kicked my instructor. Everyone had to stay at least two metres away in case it kicked again.

17:00ish - Off back to the ship.

18:00ish - "The Usual" also we had a Power brief about the next days boating.
Wednesday - 2/6/04 - 6:45ish - Wake up, breakfast. 

8:30ish - To the Power boats!! We were organised into groups, Blue Swan, Black Swan and beginners. I went off in the Blue Swan.

10:00ish - We got to have a go in a boat called the Osprey, it was the best ever session of boating I had ever done in my life!! Reaching speeds of up to 15 knots.

12:30ish - Lunch!! The most annoying thing was that we anchored up for lunch 200 metres away from the Isle of Wight, and I have never been there!! 

13:00ish - We spent the rest of the day trying to plot courses of where we were going to go.

17:00ish- The usual 

18:00ish - On our way to Dingy sailing and Kayaking Brief, we were told to hurry, but amongst all the hurry. Disaster Struck!!!! One of the 2nd warwick scouts fell down the stairs backwards. It looked nasty. Everyone thought he might have broken his back. I think he would prefer to remain nameless!! Luckily he hadn't broken anything, just some bruises here and there. He was allowed to carry on with the camp.
Thursday 3/6/04 - 6:30ish - Wake up, have a bit of breakfast. Then it's off to morning activities.

8:30ish - We were split into two groups, where my group went sailing. We went out in bosun's (type of boat, if anyone hadn't figured that out yet!!). Where we sailed around the harbour, had a couple of races, then went in.

12:30ish - The afternoon activity was long awaited Kayaking!! We played a couple of games like kayak polo and tag. Then we went for a paddle round the ship. We had a go at our two and three star.

6:30ish - Usual - but we also had an exped brief, because tomorrow we went on an expedition. We did maps and compasses. Bed.
Friday 4/6/04 - 5:55ish - Wake up (earlier than normal !!!) get into hiking kit.

6:30ish - March to Breakfast

7:15ish - Issued with Ration Packs, Get on coach, which will take us to a village in the countryside, where we would set off from.

8:00ish - Arrive in Staunton (I think ?!), set off, after failing to even leave the village.

8:30ish - Guess what, were lost !! Oh well it's what being a scout is all about !!

9:00ish - Back on track, but still along way to our destination.

12:00ish - Stop for lunch by a gate, eat cold beans & sausages with piece of card (This may sound horrible but was actually really nice).

3:00ish - Got to keep on going, I forget to say we were going round answering questions (e.g. what colour is the roof on that cottage?)

4:55ish - We have five minutes to get back to the village, better run!! Oh look nice man picks us up in car!!

5:00ish - Get on coach.

5:30ish - In Naval Base we then cook our meals on hexi-stoves.

6:30ish - Time to freshen up and get to the disco

8:00ish - Disco - DANCE - Disco - DANCE - Disco

10:00ish - Back to ship, Bed.
Saturday 5/6/04 - 7:00ish - Wake up (Last time!!)

7:00ish - Off to wave the D-day veterans to France, we stood in a line on the ship and waved our hats at them, they said it was on TV.

8:30ish - All packed ready.

9:00ish - In car, see Lancaster bomber and two spitfires go over us.

12:30ish - Yay!! Back home!! Time for a nice long bath!!

Sorry if you found this report to long, it's just there was a lot to talk about!! I would definitely recommend it, because it is really fun and you get to meet sea scouts from all over the country. Thank you to everyone who made this camp work!! There are some more pictures available soon, but I have not got them yet?

By Dan Trundle