The Incident Hike Oct 2002

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:30 by Dave Tomlin
We arrived at the scout hut at 7:30am and although we spent a long time waiting for the event to start it soon got under way. We were divided into 2nd Warwick blue and 2nd Warwick green. We had to hike round a series of checkpoints and at each checkpoint we had to do an incident. The incidents were first aid, tilly lamp lighting, pitching a tent blindfolded, making a square with rope blindfolded and trying to make and egg go as high of the floor as possible. 

At the first aid base the leader of the group had to pretend that something had happened to them and their group had to find out what it was and do something about it. 
We had to light a tilly lamp on my first base fortunately some of the little people in my group had been doing it on friday night
Everyone was blind folded except the leader who then instructed his group who were all blind folded how to pitch the tent. This was extremely frustrating for the leader but good fun.
We had to make a square and a figure of eight. As in the one above everyone was blindfolded except the leader.
Using canes and string we had to make an egg go as high of the floor as possible.
We were marked for all the incidents and whoever got the most points was the winner!

2nd Warwick came first and third. The top two teams then went on to the next round of the competition, The Bear Trek.