Stoneligh to Warwick Kayak Trip 2004

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:49 by Dave Tomlin
On Sunday 21st of March 9 Scouts, 1 Explorer and 2 Leaders travelled down the river Avon from Stoneleigh to Warwick. We met at the hut for 9:00 and were given a quick brief synopsis of what we were going to do for the day. The group ranged in experience and the BCU stages present were between stage 1 and stage 3. After the briefing, everybody went and got changed ready for the days event, we laid our boats on the grass outside with our blades (paddles), helmets and most important of all lunch.

When the trailer arrived we loaded the boats on nice and securely before being transported to Stoneleigh. We started the Expedition at 10:00, everybody was seal launched into the water and we then rafted up until the whole group was present, we then left in a bright cheery mood back towards Warwick...

After kayaking for a short time (or so it seamed) we arrived at our first obstacle, the first of three weirs, it was great fun to go down, once you were at the bottom you would raft up and wait for the others to come down. Once everybody was down we had a quick break....

We kayaked again for another hour or so before we grounded ourselves and ate lunch, AMAZINGLY NOT SOGGY! We stayed there for a short time and then set off again the weather had turned bad for a short spell but was now golden sunshine and after kayaking for a short period we had a race, it was a good laugh (despite the finish line continually moving!) 

We then had a short rest before a competition on straight lines that was good too and it kept us in good spirit. Suddenly the weather again changed and it was very hard! We had to battle against the wind and it got so strong that we had to stop!

After it had passed we carried on going in the bright sunshine until we reached the second weir, The Saxon Mill. One of the leaders checked it was safe for the scouts to go down and it passed the test. The Saxon Mill was a really good weir and probably the best one of the journey, we then had another break at the bottom of the weir. Feeling slightly fresher we continued down river having another competition, the scenery was remarkable on this stretch of river and with the weather good we all enjoyed it.

We came up to the final weir happy because we frequently travel up to this one on a Sunday, Rock Mill, again it was good fun and again we took a break before setting off knowing we weren't far away from the hut. We got to a bridge had a rest and prepared for 'the Final Push', and a few corners later we were at 'the Home Straight' we were tired and aching but were glad to be near home. We kayaked back to the hut tired but pleased with what we had accomplished, it was very tough but fun all the same. We put the kayaks back and we were sent to get changed.

After getting changed we were de-briefed in the wardroom where we played games until our parents arrived.

Many thanks to Shep and Brew for the excersise.

By Steve C (April 2004)