SPL's Weekend 2005

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:41 by Dave Tomlin   [ updated 21 Nov 2016, 04:16 ]

The idea to go on this weekend started back sometime pre Christmas, it took us ages to sort out what to do and how to organise it but after much preparation we were all set and ready to go.


We arrived at the hut at 6:30pm on Friday to start packing our tents, maps & compasses etc. Then we had colours before we shot off up the M1. As the snow gradually rose higher and higher, as we went further and further up North, we got more and more excited. When we reached the campsite in Edale, we got out and had a quick snowball fight in the car park. But the height of the snow was nothing compared to in the actual campsite. Well putting up the tents in the dark was a fun experience, but putting it up in half a foot of snow is a whole new thing. We had three tents; one for Me & Rob; one for Polly & Heather and one for Sally & Shep. Me & Rob finally realised it would be easier putting it up in the flood light that there was. Well after putting up the tent and a few snowballs later we got into bed (it was cold).


We woke up to even more snow !!!!! In some places it was 1 foot. After a round of breakfast, Polly's gracious way of eating Spaghetti Hoops (see pics) and another snowball fight, we began to pack our bags for the day ahead. Because of the ice & snow, we were not allowed to go up Kinder Scout (the big hill) because of the rules & regs on Sally & Shep's Form M. After a quick check, we set off, along a path, towards the less well known "Hollin's Cross" a viewpoint to the south. It rapidly changed from 1 foot snow to 4 foot snow and back again. After another fight, we began to ascend. When we reached the top, we headed East along the ridge towards Back Tor (also along the ridge we had numerous snowball fights!!!). There was a moment when Polly fell over and we all pelted her so she couldn't get up!!! We reached Back Tor and now headed South East up to Lose Hill. On our way down from Lose Hill we stopped for lunch, and the moment we stopped it chucked it down. Afterwards we decided to get out the group shelter and eat in there. When we got out it cleared. We kept heading towards Win Hill (no connection to Lose Hill (probably)). This is what really tested us. When we got to the top, it became boggy and marshy as well as three feet of snow. We walked along the so-called Roman Road, until we got to a suitable path down. The snow was at it's highest here (it was at least 5 foot!!). We walked down towards the road. We then followed it along to the campsite. After freshening up in DRY clothes, we set off for the NICE WARM Pub for a HOT meal, (notice keywords). Lasagne always tastes better in the snow!!! We played cards until about 10.30pm.


Woke up to annoying bird noises. When breakfast was cooked we decided to go on a walk near Ladybower Reservoir. We parked our car in the car park and went across a field, where there was a massive dam in front of us. We followed a path along the valley until we saw a suitable route up. When we got to the top we had a quick break, also watching Heather trying to dig a snow hole with her plate was quite funny. We followed the ridge; we briefly stopped to take some bearings. Then we went halfway across the plain only to find out that we were supposed to go up even more. So we reluctantly went up to the numerous peaks. After continually walking on the rocks for ages, we found a path down. The snow began to become annoying at this stage!! We reached the level of the reservoir. We followed a road back towards the car park. It was about 5pm now. We passed the dam once again. After a long and tiring weekend we set off home.

We all had a great weekend; the snow made it even nicer. I would do it again, and I recommend it to any other scouts. It was very enjoyable.

By Dan (SPL Vigilant 2005)

SPLs weekend 2005