Southern 50 2011

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:18 by Dave Tomlin

Its Sunday, and we're back from this year's S50, with stiff aching legs but otherwise none the worse for wear!

For those not in the know, the S50 is a walking event which has been run by Greater London (North) for the past 32 years. It is open to Explorers and Leaders. This year there was a record number of entries from round the country, almost ninety teams in total, split between the 30k, 50k and 50 mile events.

Three 2nd Warwick teams made it to the event- the fourth team was sabotaged when one of its members was called to Australia on business, at rather short notice.

This year's course was notable for the number of steep hills (both up and down), en route. The weather was at best overcast, following heavy rain overnight, which didn't really clear until lunch time. So although it was a nice temperature for walking it was also ideal for mud- lots of it. Fortunately, there were none of the classic Chiltern ploughed fields to be negotiated, just watery gloop, unavoidable, particularly towards the end of the day when it was dark and you can't really see what your walking in.

Of the three teams, one, "Sponsorus", comprised Explorers, Ellie Crossley, Emily Stratton and Jonny Tilford from 2nd together with Ben Irwin from Kineton/Jamboree Contingent. This was a first attempt at the 50K all but Ellie and they completed the course in a creditable 15 hours and 13 minutes.

A really good effort. "Why not?" were Network: Heather Crossley, Scott Bridgman, Sam Thomas and Ed Campbell. They powered round the 50K course in 10hours and 22 minutes, coming 5th overall and winning two trophies in the process- probably the best 2nd Warwick result ever?

The third team "Leaders of the Pack" are associated with one particular section of 2nd- guess which? Martin & Janet Crossley, Polly Scurrah and Mark Bridgman (honorary cub leader) managed the 50K in 13 hours and 14 minutes. (Incidentally the S50 is not meant to be a Crossley family outing). Janet was notable for her unusual and imaginative rain wear. All in  all a weekend to remember; some participants are already thinking about next year's entry.