Southern 50 2004 2

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:03 by Dave Tomlin

Southern 50 2004 2

So the day starts at 5AM yes that is 5AM!!! and that meant getting up and going to breakfast for 5:30AM!!! (sorry still hung up on that!) but me being really welcome of food at that time got up a little later and went for a coffee at about 5:50AM!!!

And then it was back to the School Gym that was out 'tent' for the previous night, to collect our kit for the walk and to the kit check for 6:30AM! (it's getting better)

So having ensured every member of the team, (James, Dave, Andy and myself) had all the required equipment, it was time for a final loo break and then on to the 'holding pen' till our departure time.

On to 6:58AM (Mmmm not too bad) we are finally given the grid references of the checkpoints we have to pass through and the order to go to them, and after 2 minutes to decide our route to the first checkpoint, we were off!

Every were we go! Every were we go!

Now for a word of advice, never let James navigate to your first checkpoint, yes you guessed it, we went the wrong way, but only about 1/2Km. so on we went check point to checkpoint.

People always ask us, People always ask us,

On each checkpoint they would stuff you full of food, and pour water, squash or a hot drink down you and shove you on as soon as possible, so you didn't stiffen up or go cold.

Who we are, Who we are,

The route was well laid out with the 30Km, 50Km and 50Mile all over lapping in places but each differing as well. so the day progressed with a stop for lunch at about 12 midday, and reaching the hot food point at about 7ish (sorry time started to blur after 6 hours of walking, and then we carried on still!)

And where do we come from, And where do we come from,

At checkpoint 12 (the hot food stop) sadly we lost Andy from out group, due to blisters, and I was nearly put out to the same fate, but 4 blister plasters later and a slightly longer break than any other, we were off again.

And we always tell them, And we always tell them,

But this was when it got harder, it was 8pm, we'd been going since 7AM!!! (sorry) we had merged with one of our Explorer teams, who had also lost one member to the blister fate, and it was dark and we were tired. so on we trudged, a lot slower than before, to checkpoint 13.

Were from 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts, and Warwick Sea Explorer Unit, Were from 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts, and Warwick Sea Explorer Unit,

And about 10pm, after travelling for 2 hour in the dark, using head torches, as cloud cover was that heavy and being out in the country with no light pollution, we arrived a checkpoint 13. At that point, both Dave and I should have Folded, but Due to a family trait of mine, I was stubborn, and carried on.

And if they cant hear us, And if they cant hear us,

So at 11pm, we were halfway between checkpoint 13 and 14, just 2 1/2 sections from the end! I could not go on, Dave and myself folded, due to my being ill from the Wednesday before, and the added bonus of blisters the size of dinner plates, and Dave not being much better, we got a minibus pick up and officially resigned at 11:30PM 15.5 hours and 45Km after the start!

We Shout a little LOUDER, We shout a little LOUDER!

The remaining 4 of the merged group got in at 2.30AM and the two explorers on the 50Mile still walking got in at 2AM.

Every where we go!...

Congratulations to all that completed, and congratulations to all those who got as far as they did, I think I might pass next year, team member shortage or not, FIND SOME ONE ELSE!

Jess (2004)