SEA SCOUTS GO CAMPING - Article from The Warwick Courier

posted 6 Oct 2016, 07:46 by Dave Tomlin
Some of the youngest members of the Second Warwick Sea Scouts joined their more experienced colleagues on their first camp recently. The six to eight-year-olds, who are known as beavers, got their first taste of 'camp life' during a weekend away in Oxfordshire.
"I don't think there are many other children in this age group who can tell their friends they went rock climbing, followed a nature trial and sat round an open fire on the weekend," said group leader Nick Shacklock.
"The beavers left the camp after the traditional camp fire and the scouts who stayed woke up to a layer of frost."
All the scouts meet once a week in St Nicholas Park on different evenings, depending on the age of the youngsters.
The beavers meet each Monday, and this week they focused on smells, tastes and sounds.
There are a total of 155 youngsters in the sea scouts. The eight to ten-year-olds are part of the cubs, the scouts are aged between ten and 14, and the explorer scouts are from 14 to 18.
This weekend the group will be competing in a swimming gala at HMS Raleigh, Plymouth.
Mr Shacklock said: "We are sea scouts rather than swimmers, so we may not win the event, but I am sure they will give it a go."
The scout leader is already planning for the summer months when his charges will be able to spend more time on the water.
They will be able to sail on Boddington reservoir each weekend this year, after the club clinched a new corporate membership deal.
"It gives the scouts a chance to sail in a significant amount of water before they have to deal with river currents," Mr Shacklock said.
The group, which already has girls in its two scout sections, is expanding to include them in the cub section from March 4. A mixed group of cubs will meet each week in Coten End School.
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