Scout Camp 2004

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:41 by Dave Tomlin

The Friday (16th) before camp was spent trying to fit the contents of the Scout hut into the lorries which seemed a little on the small side. However using much skill, calculation and mostly brute force we managed to get everything in (including the kitchen sink).

The following Saturday morning (17th) was spent pretty much the same as Friday, just with nearly 80 Scouts, their large amount of kit and a coach instead.

By the time they all arrived on the site, the leader team had already managed to bury one truck and get another stuck in the muddy field. However, with some organisation the Scouts were soon starting to set up their sites.

Over 55 tents were erected in the space of a few hours which would all become our home for the following two weeks...


Sunday (18th) consisted of mostly chaos as we finished setting up camp and then prepared all the boats for general boating, with this being the first opportunity for the Scouts to do what they came to camp to do and get on the water.

Traditionally, the first proper nights activity at camp is a local walk organised by the SPL's, and as tradition dictates a couple of the groups were late getting back, whether this was due to an error in navigation or just slow walking, we are still not sure.

Monday (19th) is the first proper day of activities, which consisted of Scouts doing one of a number of activities, including sailing, canoeing, kayaking, power boating or backwoods cooking. During camp all patrols also undertake a two-day expedition either hiking, sailing or canoeing and this time it was the turn of Seagull and Hawk (hiking), Wolf (canoeing) and Cobra (sailing).

Tuesday (20th) was similar as Monday with patrols moving on to do some of the other activities. The four patrols on expedition all successfully completed what they had set out to do. Some pictures of the hiking expeditions are in the gallery.

The evening's activity was The Loopy Ladle Lift, where the aim of the game was to collect objects that began with all the letters of "The Loopy Ladle Lift". They received points for the originality of the objects they found. Once they had done that, the scouts had to make a device that would lift a ladle as high as possible.


The grand troop hike was on Wednesday (21st) that saw most of the scouts attempting to navigate around the countryside between a number of checkpoints in their patrols. This tested leadership, teamwork and navigation skills. Well done to Lion, Otter, Cobra, Merlin and Eagle who all successfully managed to complete the whole course. The evening activity was an informal campfire.

Thursday (22nd) and Friday (23rd) were split days like Monday and Tuesday. Thursday's evening activity was a number of fun and exciting challenges like pole climbing, limbo and spiders web among others.