Rowathon through Titchs Blury Eyes

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:24 by Dave Tomlin

The idea for a Rowathon came to us in a flash of light (someone flicked the lights on and off by mistake), in 'the office' after scouts one Tuesday.

Two months later I turn up at the hut with all the stuff in the car, everything is planned, it's all going great.

10:25am I'm even early which is nothing short of a miracle.

We start the rowing at midday while various things are being setup, we go about various tasks and after what seemed like hours it was...

1:30pm blimey is that all only another 22.5 hours to go YAY.. at 3pm I decided that I should find out when my first row was...

11pm cor I could go to sleep, so after a trip back to the flat to get some half decent music, and many pork and apple burgers, I had a rest..

11:30pm ooh finally my turn to row, and we set off at lightning pace despite sally's desperate attempts to slow our pace, when we have knackered ourselves out we realise that the reason she was protesting was that she had never done any rowing before.. Maybe we could slow down a bit.

2:30am Aah it's time chasing time, 11.15mins a bit off the pace, will try again later

3:15am lets get it right this time, 10.55mins ooh better but still the wrong side of 10.50.

4:25 Finally with the all star team of, Amy as the Cox, Titch, James, Simon and Shep we managed a lap time for the 1 mile course of 10.44mins which averages out at a speed of 6 mph yahoooooo

6:30am, not worth going to bed now I guess as the sun is coming up

9am mmm bacon sarnies sound good about now...

10:10 Got to keep going,

11:35 Final lap starts at a very sedate pace; we have all been up for over 24hrs.

12pm finally make it back with ice creams in hands to a champagne reception.

Sometime later when everyone else had gone and there was just me and James left, shutting the gate I suddenly felt very tired.

A good event well done to all who took part, and hopefully with the money raised we should take delivery of 4 brand new Canadian canoes and a trailer...

Ta Titch May 2004