RN swimming sports

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:37 by Dave Tomlin

After a mad rush home from school we all left in a minibus driven by Martin down to Plymouth and HMS Raleigh. The 'are we nearly there yet' got as far as the traffic lights on to the Emscote road. After a couple of hours we had a short break at the services and back on the road to the ferry between Plymouth and the destination on the other side of the estuary. We made it, nearly the last team to arrive but hey ho we still had somewhere to sleep. Met Scott and Pete and Barbie and Anne(who used to come to scout camp with us), got split up into our messes and after a while lights out.

Next morning at an unearthly hour of 6.45 we were awoken after a few hours sleep to march to breakfast for a nice greasy fry-up. By 8.00 we were down at the pool ready for a nice swim. This was all the individual heats and the medley relays. We got most people just a few places off the finals for Sunday morning. After a lot of shouting and cheering our people on the Explorers left to have their lunch whilst the scouts did there line throw where they came 2nd in the heat, Well done as the team that won their heat are all lifesavers. In the afternoon the scouts did there scout skills competition which involves many activities that include naming parts of the boat and pioneering projects working as a team, whilst the explorers went out in champs(chug chug powerboats) followed by power in Ribs for Becky and Sam and more chugging for me, Kat, Scott and jenny. The explorers then joined back as a team to take part in the explorer challenge. This year 'Admiral Swaine' (as known by us) got us to build a pulling boat to a specification which included thwarts(seats), oars, a defaced ensign and a JJ( Jonathon Jones whose one of the people running the event) This boat was then scored for how good parts of it were it then had to hold as many marbles as possible before sinking. We managed 200 marbles before it capsized and sank. However we did win, much to Admiral Swaine's disgust we even stuck to the rules properly as he had rewritten the rules form 2 years ago so that our team didn't bend them to much.

In the evening after another meal we went to the cinema on the base to watch Zorro and for the presentations of the Scout skills and the boat competition, we got a tin of Quality street which we shared on the bus on the way home.

Sunday morning after cleaning the mess's(dormitories) and packing we went back to the pool for the finals and a few other races. First up was the Explorer line throw where we had a rival team against us but much to their disgust we beat them by miles. Overall much to our delight came first. Which was deserved due to having some very good line throwers in our midst? We then made lots of noise for Lucy 's final were she came 4th just missing out on a trophy. We then had the Under 16 relay where we came 6th.

There was then time for everyone to have a swim in the Squadron relay which is all freestyle for the scouts an then the explorers. We did well in both of these but didn't make it into the top six.

A few of us by this point had dying voices we marched to the bus with our death packs(lunches ) in our hands running over somebody who stopped right in front of us marching through the centre of where we stayed.

After several silent games as some were getting restless we got back all very happy(happier for some than when we left) at about 5 o’clock after a long journey.

Well done to the whole team, Lucy, Emilie, Holly, James CS, Kyle, Lydia, Becky, Jenny, Sam, Scott ,Kat and me.