RN Swimming Gala 2005

posted 6 Oct 2016, 07:59 by Dave Tomlin

Just a short report to give you the low-down on the event. Firstly I'd like to say a huge well done to everyone who took part, the team support expressed by those who went was brilliant and secondly a thank you to Martin and Sue for putting up with us.

Saturday morning began with the individual heats followed by the medley relays and line throw relays. Kyle secured our first final in the U12 breaststroke event and the finals just kept rolling in. By the end of Saturday morning we had managed to secure around 8 finals, including 3 medley relays!

Unfortunately, during the Saturday afternoon activities, the explorers failed in winning the creative challenge set by Admiral Swain but still managed to incorporate our well-known touch in the catamaran (in other words, stretching the rules to almost breaking point) even against the '2nd Warwick proof' instructions! While the explorers where slowly getting colder and colder the scouts where in a similar situation in their outdoor 5-a-side football competition. Although I did not witness any of this I heard on the grape-vine that James Briggs (who stepped in to swim at the last minute) proved very useful in the tournament, even though I believe we won one and lost the rest!

Sunday held the finals to the individual events, medley relays and squadron relays. We won the U18 medley and managed to acquire enough points to win us the U18 trophy (the only one Norwich failed to win). We gained several fifth & sixth places and two 2nd places by myself and Joe S. Unfortunately the team suffered a couple of disqualifications in the relays, bad luck on the day I guess.

Congratulations to all those who made it into the finals. This has probably been one of if not the most successful years at Raleigh the group has ever had.

Also, our thanks go to Barbie, Pete & Ann who where on the Admin team.

Chris aka Pants (2005)