Police Station visit for the Beavers 2007

posted 6 Oct 2016, 07:44 by Dave Tomlin

On the 30th April the Beavers went to Warwick police station to have a look round and to have a go at asking some questions. The chief constable was there and the Beavers got to ask some questions. We were taken round the police station by Seb and Kate which made this trip enjoyable.

The first thing we did was to have a tour and see what rooms were there. Then we took the Beavers to the cells and we locked them in there. (Yes no noise). We did some finger printing which made the trip very messy. The boys and girls were covered in ink. Finally we had a look at the police cars which got the Beavers in a fabulous jolly mood. We locked them in the back of a caught on camera van. They enjoyed this very much. At the end Kate and Seb gave all the children little presents to take home with them.

We all said thank you to Seb and Kate for taking us round and we hope we can do something else like this in the future.

Cat (PL Merlin 2007)