PLs expedition 2007

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:40 by Dave Tomlin   [ updated 21 Nov 2016, 04:30 ]

Rather early one Thursday morning in the Easter holidays 2007, 14 patrol leaders and 2 scout leaders piled into a minibus heading for Snowdonia, North Wales to practice our navigational skills before camp.

After arriving some way from the campsite we were dropped off by the leaders and left to walk on our own following the route we had planned some weeks before with all our tents and kit. About 4 hours later, tired and hungry we arrived at the campsite and pitched our tents. Next came tea and a little time to relax before going to bed.

Day 2 and after an early start we were ready and waiting for the days walk. In our 3 groups lead by Sally, Dave and Doug we were off. We followed the routes we had planned before but didn't expect them to be as long and tiring as they were but this was all to help us on camp. We got back about 6 hours later. After showering we cooked our meals on an open fire and cooked bananas and flake for pudding. With the washing up done we settled down for a chat around the fire before going to bed.

Day 3. Today we were all walking together in a big group up the Glidders with the help of Steve Hodges. The 1km high trek was very tiring but also very rewarding especially when we had our picture taken on the rock where the patrol leaders of 4 years ago were photographed. We arrived at the minibus but not quite back at the campsite so myself and some others decided to walk the rest of the way back but this time without our bags. We arrived back to find everyone had gone into the water for a swim. We cooked another meal on an open fire and gathered around the campfire for on last time.

The last day and time to go home. After packing up all of our things we loaded the minibus and went for a nature talk. Following that we climbed into the minibus and headed home. Several hours later we arrived back in Warwick hot and tired after a fun PL?s weekend.

By Kirsty Baker

PLs Exped 2007