Peek District Walkies - December 03

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:33 by Dave Tomlin

Our Epic journey began at 0800, yes 0800 in the morning, when I picked tom up then headed around to Dave's house. after a swift kit check we doubled back to pick DW up a pair of gloves. We headed up the M69 to the M1, and I drove (keeping to all speed limits officer) um the M1, when I saw the 1mile to Sheffield sign I questioned Tom's navigational abilities, and yes he hadn't been keeping tabs on where we were because

a) he thought I knew where we were going.

b) we had got there quicker than he had expected.

So a nice trip through Sheffield, then up into the National Park, and over a couple of high passes covered in some magical slippery white stuff (I believe they call it snow).

We eventually arrived at Edale and parked outside the School, we followed the path up to the bottom of the waterfall, where we started to climb up the side of the waterfall, occasionally playing in the stream, as the stream wasn't icy, and the rocks around were. It was hard work climbing up the side of the waterfall, when we started up the stream the snow was on the ground around us and got thicker As we got higher. When we reached the top there were a few people standing around we took a path and started walking, looking out for good bits of rock to have a play on with the Ice tools. We didn't actually find any proper climbable rock but we took some clever pics to make it look like we did.

We walked on for ages, had lunch and played on the rocks with the Ice axes, in various poses. we headed back towards the car at around 4pm and started home. Several hours and a MacDonald’s later, we got home.

Dave (Dec 03)