Patrol Leader's Training Course 2004

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:34 by Dave Tomlin
After a long and tiring wide game, we got ready for a night on board, but being as there was trouble in the park and JV was somewhere else we had to walk to the Shacklock's house with Rich to stay there. After 6 hours of sleep we set off again back to the Scout Hut with our sleeping bags round our necks. We arrived at the Hut at 8:40 am, had breakfast then we had colours. Some other Scouts from Sutton came. In total there were 5 scouts from Warwick and 3 from Sutton.

In the morning we did stuff like drill and different types of flags. Lunch was burnt hamburgers, but we enjoyed it all the same. We also had a bit of a PLC over lunch. In the afternoon we went pulling in the rovers and learnt all the commands. A talk on how to run a patrol helped me a lot. Then we all put up a campsite, the Niger went up, then the Patrol Box, we couldn't find the right legs for eagle's patrol box. We tried Cobra's legs, Panther's legs, Otter's legs and finally we got Eagle's legs. So we put them on and then took them off, bit pointless.

We had a talk on care of ropes and types of ropes. After, a bit of football then we tucked into Fish and Chips, which was the best meal of the day. We watched the Great Escape in the evening and at 11.30pm we got to sleep. Woke up at 7:00am, but it was really 6:00am to me, because of Daylight Saving Hours. Breakfast was a fry-up, by Ken. Colours was at 8.40am, we did some more pulling in the rover in the morning. Just before Lunch we had a talk on Rigs and how to take care of them.

Lunch came at long last. It was Hamburgers again, but they were not burnt. Sunday went quite quickly to me. In the afternoon we went rowing in the pioneers, we did skills like the man over board drill. My fifth time in the rover on that particular week-end was much more fun. We learnt skills like how to tie onto a buoy and coming along side to the jetty.

After a tired day everyone went home at 2:30pm, but not us, we stayed with Pete to clean the Galley up a bit because we did not know that it finished early. So at 5.00pm I went home tired, but feeling I had achieved something. Even I had been to Camp as a PL I had definitely learnt about how to make sure my patrol enjoy camp more, but also make them work fairly. Thanks to JV, Ken, Pete for running and to Vic the leader of Sutton who came along. I enjoyed it, I hope everyone else did? 

By Dan