Pantomime - A Very Creative Challenge 2004

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:42 by Dave Tomlin   [ updated 21 Nov 2016, 04:08 ]

Vanguard troop decided to do their creative challenge with style by producing a pantomime, 'Cindy and her Strikingly Gorgeous Sisters', to be performed to the local residents. For several weeks they were to be found huddled together rehearsing scenes, making scenery and props, deciding on costumes or making invitations.

Rehearsals proved difficult with there being no rehearsal at any time with a full cast present due to the other commitments of these busy girls. Never mind, they soldiered (or rather sea scouted) on...

Titch and James put up stage lights and a funky disco light too. Marquee walls and bashers were used to make the stage and the scenery was suspended from the ceiling with rope. Everything was ready...

The girls performed to a full house and did brilliantly. Everyone had a great time.

Well done to Vanguard and thanks to everyone who helped.

Sally (SL Vanguard) Dec 2004

Pantomime a very creative challenge