Midland Sea Scout Meet 2004

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:21 by Dave Tomlin

Midland Sea Scout meet. Saturday Sailing  

First of all I would like to thank and congratulate everybody who took part in the meet. It was a very successful event and I hope we can do even better next year.


On Saturday morning bright and early several Scouts, Explorers and Leaders turned up to take part and cheer on 2nd Warwick. The first race of the day was the scout under 14 two man Pico Sailing. Our Warwick hopefuls sailed off to the start in a confident mood, until things went a bit pear shaped! Just as the hooter sounded the start of the race, the Warwick Pico crew, who will rename nameless, (cough cough Heather!) Decided to go swimming! Eventually she scrambled back into the boat, too late to repair lost time (you did sail the best anyway once you'd got going!).

Next came the Explorer Pico single handed, with Joe S sailing well and getting second! Next a new event; you could be any age and go in any boat, and there was a big turn out for this event with several 2nd Warwick scouts entering. The race started and Joe S and Steve McC shot off in the Merlin followed by 4 2WK scouts in toppers, (that's before anyone else started going. Joe + Steve finished the race first, then Rob T followed by Polly, Dan T and Will. Unfortunately because there were faster and slower types of boats, the scores were worked out on the Portsmouth Yardstick rules.(See the DELIGHTFUL Martin Sc for more details!). This meant that overall:

1st: Warwick Merlin

2nd: Walsall Rover

3rd: Warwick Topper (Helmed by Rob T)

After was the "wacky" novelty race before an early night in, ready for the next day!