Merlin's Patrol Camp - September 2007

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:38 by Dave Tomlin

By Catherine (PL Merlin)

The first weekend in September Merlin patrol went on a camp together at Horley Scout Campsite, near Banbury. While we were there we did some conservation work. This involved making more pathways for the nature trail which had been started by Snowy, the camp warden. (Anyone who went on Frosty Camp in January 2007 will remember that we started the first section of the path and put up bird boxes).

We arrived at Horley on a bright and dry morning. After setting up camp, Snowy brought all the materials down to the nature trail and we started work about 10am. We started on a particularly boggy part of the path down by the stream. This involved building up the path, making it level and removing all the big rocks which might make people trip up. We hammered in short posts and edged the path with wood before filling in between the edging with bark chips.

Martin Crossley came for the morning and helped us understand what we needed to do.

Going backwards and forwards to get the bark chippings we had wheel barrow races.

Once we had finished the path by the stream, we started to extend the path back up the hill towards the path we made at Frosty Camp.

We were all very tired by 5 o'clock so we stopped and cooked a huge pasta meal and did some acrobatics!

1st Kineton and 2nd Banbury were also camping at Horley and they invited our patrol to camp fire which finished of the day very nicely. We did two sketches at the campfire and had to sing loudly, especially when each group took a turn with the songs as there were only seven of us.

Next morning the sun was shining again. After breakfast we carried on with the path, but by lunchtime we ran out of materials, so we made some repairs to the path we made at Frosty Camp.

In the afternoon Snowy took us back down to the path with more wood on the back of his tractor.

We had a visit from the District Commissioner, who came down and said how well we were doing.

At the end of the camp we all felt really good for helping improve the environment at Horley. Snowy was very pleased and we were awarded a Camp Service Team badge.

We all enjoyed the weekend!!!!!