Malvern Challenge

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:36 by Dave Tomlin

We took Eagle and Otter patrol to participate in a national event, a first for the Scouts and ourselves. I heard that this was one of the best events to attend from various people in the know. Nicola and myself arrived to find ourselves in the middle of a huge green field with roughly 100 leaders erecting tents. Our first thoughts were, 'this is going to be big...'

Two hours later when 3000 scouts and guides descended on the field we changed our minds too 'this is going to be massive...' and we were right.

As Otter and Eagle arrived, we got ourselves organised and booked in. Then it was time to explore.

The two patrols found the tuck shop first...and started on the sweets which kept them and all the others going well into the early hours of Saturday morning...

The entertainment was a disco, and then there were the Pussy Cat Babes who were very good... considering they were playing in a cowshed.

Lights out at 11.30 yeah right then....

Breakfast at 7.30 ish, kit sorting and Malvern Challenge at 10.30, Otter and Eagle were left to complete the challenge by themselves which was a 7 mile hike around the local countryside whilst completing tasks en route.

Tasks were knots, first aid, bridge building, mini Olympics and other scouting stuff. The idea was to work as a patrol and complete the tasks.

Nicola and I spent the day helping at the mini Olympic event, whelly wanging, hula hopping, half a yard of water drinking, and such like, whilst hydrating and applying liberal amounts of sun screen in the blistering heat...

Both the patrols were unfortunate not to complete the entire course due to the excessive heat and confusion over start times but both gave it their best shot and did their best, what more could I/we have asked from them.

Saturday evening we entered into the volleyball competition and won a couple of games. Then we were 'entertained' by some guy called Stretchy Dave. He could stretch his skin. There is no more to say on that... but it did turn your stomach at times...

Followed by a tribute band to McFly again they were ok playing in a cowshed. The main entertainment was a stunt team on motorbikes, and a stunt man who set himself on fire and fell from a tower 40 foot in the air, which was very impressive. Bedtime again at 11.30 yeah right.

Sunday was spent trying out different activities and generally having fun with friends.

I think that we all had a great time and defiantly want to put the event on the calendar for next year.

We would like to thank Otter and Eagle for making it such an enjoyable weekend for us both especially when we didn't quite know what to expect.

Nick and Nicola