HMS Raleigh 2004

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:29 by Dave Tomlin
We met at the Scout Hut just after 1600. This year's swimming team piled into the 'Ford Community Minibus' and set of for HMS Raleigh, Plymouth. The journey down took several hours, and so by the time south of Bristol it was well and truly dark. As we were travelling down the M5, we noticed a funny smell. Chris turned his torch on to find a smoky faze filling the bus. After a quick stop on the hard shoulder, Martin and Alan decided that we should slowly carry on our way down to Plymouth.

We arrived at HMS Raleigh at about 2130, and at the end of the initial briefing we Explorers were told that we would be sleeping over at a local army-run Napoleonic Fort - Tregantle. Alan was to stay at the fort with us so after the leader's briefing we set off in the minibus, leaving the Scouts at their accommodation at the main base. We arrived at the Fort late, but not as late as the other Explorers sharing our dormitory. We final got to sleep after midnight.

After a 0545 wakeup we made our way back to Raleigh, arriving in time to meet up with the Scouts for the march up to breakfast. After breakfast were the swimming heats. Despite past form in such competitions, we did quite well with several impressive wins and more finalists than anyone could remember. Also on the Saturday morning was the line throw, and again we managed to overcome our tradition of missing out. We won both the Scout and Explorer heats by minutes and were the heat declared of the events.

In the afternoon, we went boating. This was at Jupiter Point - the Navy's 'Sea Sense' training centre. After the convoy of minibuses had done several about turns, we arrived and changed into our boating kit. This, as it happened was a little over the top, as the boat that we ended up on was more of a cruiser, than a RIB, however we were given a bit of a guided tour of the dockyard and boats by the coxswain. While we were doing this, the Scouts took part in their football competition. Unfortunately they failed to win a single game and were knocked out in the group stage.

After dinner it was our turn at the football. We didn't do much better than the Scouts with our greatest achievement being that we drew with 8th Norwich, a team of girls. We too were knocked out in the group stage, without scoring a single goal. The Scouts were, by this stage, taking part in the Scout-Skills competition hoping to better our position of second in the previous few years. They succeeded, beating Torbay into Second place. After the football we made our way back to the Fort, pausing at some 'Local Services' on the way through.

It was another early morning on Sunday. After the accommodation had been inspected, we were bussed back to HMS Raleigh to find more cleaning facing us. Then, after breakfast, we marched down the hill for the swimming finals. When we got the program we were amazed to find that were in very many of the finals. In the best prize sweep anyone could remember we had a first and 2 second places in the individuals, a second in the U 12 Medley relay along with a host of other finalists. The gala finished with a speech from the Commodore after which we left for home. Fortunately there was no further excitement in the minibus and we arrived home without incident.

Thanks go to Martin and Alan, who took us down, as well as the accommodation team: Pete, Barbie, Anne.

Chris McCorquodale (Feb 04)

Swimming Team

U 12 Breaststroke Phil M 4th

U 12 Backstroke Jenny D 5th

U 12 Freestyle Mark M 1st

U 12 Medley Relay 2nd

U 14 Breaststroke Polly S

U 14 Backstroke Kat B 2nd

U 14 Freestyle Becky G 6th

U 14 Medley Relay 6th

U 16 Breaststroke Chris U 2nd

U 16 Backstroke Steve M 

U 16 Freestyle Joe S 5th

U 16 Medley Relay 4th

U 18 Breaststroke Dave B-J 

U 18 Backstroke Chris M 

U 18 Freestyle Phil B 6th

Scout Line Throw 1st

Explorer Line Throw 1st

Scout Skills Competition 1st