Hawk patrols epic expedition at summer camp 2003, Tegid/Bala.

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:25 by Dave Tomlin
On the first day with over sized backpacks and buoyancy aids in hand, the patrol (with me (DBJ) and Joe following them) crossed the perilous Llyn Tegid/Bala Lake in a Rover and proceeded to take on the wild hills of Snowdonia, heading North, straight for a big black dark and dingy wood on a really steep hill. The walking here was really hard as the path went straight up this huge hill. But soon we emerged again, out of the wood, to be greeted by a lovely view of the valley. From here we dodged the thistles and navigated around the rocky outcrops onto some land owned by the most savage of land owners, the forestry commissioner, who had already cut down huge expanses of forest (complicating the map reading). Eventually we got to a big green field which we shared with some sheep for the night. 

After cooking sausages and beans for breakfast, very nice, we set off again, down into the Hirnant valley. Passing a derelict house, ooh, and then following the stream all the way to the pick up point. Then the tired and now quite wet (as it does rain in Wales) Hawk patrol got took by car back to the campsite, whereas Joe and I were left to walk another mile to Bala, boohoo. (Actually I didn't mind that much)

DBJ April 2004