Guide Dogs for the Blind - Beavers

posted 6 Oct 2016, 07:43 by Dave Tomlin

On Monday, Mandy a local Guide dog trainer visited the colony to give a talk about her work.

To help her with the talk she had brought along André. André is a Golden Retriever who is in the process of being trained.

Mandy told the boys about the care and training each dog had to undertake before being suitable to be a working dog.

Guide dogs are trained to help not only people that are blind but also people with visual impairments. For example those with tunnel vision, cataracts or those whose sight has been affected from a stroke.

The Beavers were put into pairs. One acting as the guide dog and the other blind folded and led around obstacles in the room. It is not a very pleasant feeling not knowing where you are going. You really do have to have faith in your companion.

Mandy had also brought along a video and some special glasses to try and show in more detail what a visually impaired persons daily life is like.

We agreed how important it is to train a Guide Dog and decided we would like to do a fund raising event to give our support.