disney weekend - a Riz and Steve View!!!

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:04 by Dave Tomlin

Disney Weekend

Soon after everyone had arrived at the hut we were split up into 2 teams. The teams each had to find clues that spelt out a word of where we had to go next, it turned out we had to go to 4th Warwick and save the penguin, thus saving the Disney weekend! Tired, after an hour or so walking, both groups sat down to watch a couple of films, sweet wrappers spread everywhere we cleared up to make play-dough films! Amused for hours we moulded the dough into figures to make our own films. Next we cooked a dinner of sweet and sour and rice. Whilst some cooked, others lay the tables and watched more films! After the formal dinner at the hut each one of us took a share in cleaning up our mess.

After our late night of watching films we woke up to a cold scout hut, but the films cheered us up. We ate breakfast whilst watching Disney films and gradually packed away our sleeping bags. By around midday we to got into our fancy dress outfits and later decided to trek down to the park to play on the swings. Before we went home we watched the films and pictures of the weekend. Overall this was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and we would all like to take this opportunity to thank Steve for organising it for us.