Cubs at Charlecote Park District Camp September 2009

posted 6 Oct 2016, 07:50 by Dave Tomlin

This weekend, with almost perfect weather, the Cubs tried a range of activities: archery, air rifles, scaling a climbing wall, the destruction of a bouncy castle (it only lasted Saturday), and pioneering. They also had the chance to go on a guided Park Walk, on which the Warden described the history of the park (undisturbed since the 11th century) and its amazing variety of wildlife (mostly too small to notice). For the adventurous there was an orienteering course.

On Sunday, they got the opportunity to have a paddle in the kayaks, which was definitely better than a ride in powered Rovers that was the lot of all other cub groups attending. There are definite advantages in being the only water oriented Scout Group at the camp!

Definitely a camp worth attending