County Bear Trek 2003

posted 6 Oct 2016, 07:49 by Dave Tomlin
After our success in the Incident hike, with two teams going through, we turned up fully prepared and excited to the Shipston-on-Stour scout hut for the County Bear trek. This was a hike through the countryside around Shipston-on-Stour with six check points, four of which had activities which you earned points from.

We were driven to our first checkpoint, where we were to show how to resuscitate an unconscious person we had found by the side of road. This was ok as two of us already had the emergency aider badge and the others had practiced the method too.

We then set off back to the scout hut where we found the other team from 2nd Warwick. The task here was to move a barrel into a dustbin using three ropes but without touching the ground within about a 2m radius with anything. We succeeded with only a minute to spare!

On the next stretch we got a little lost but with some help from the other team, found the farm. It turned out that putting a sling on to the leader here was no mean feat, with lots of speculation and re-tying. In the end we managed it, just, but couldn?t remember how to make the triangular bandage into a wide bandage.

The next checkpoint was only a safety checkpoint, with no activity, so we carried on to Todenham. On the way, we spotted the other team some way behind us! After a brief stop for the whole team to climb into the phone box, we found the checkpoint where we had to disarm a rocket. 

From here we walked to Mitford Bridge (getting the rugby score on the way and overtaking a Stratford team) where the task was to light a fire and boil a cup of water on it using a flint. Difficult as none of us had ever used a flint before!

However, we managed it and set off to our last but one checkpoint, on a road past Burmington. On arrival, the leader here radioed in to make sure we could carry on, and with only twenty minutes left we walked away to our last checkpoint over a lot of fields.

We finished the route at 3:10pm, now exhausted having walked just over ten miles. We shared jaffa cakes and waited for the last team to finish. We were driven back to the scout hut were we ate and drank and again, waited for a lost team to come in.

The room was filled with tension as the results were announced, particularly as the top three teams were separated by only three points. But we cheered and clapped when we heard we had won and went to collect the trophy and certificates.

We left tired, full and very, very happy!

By Hermione 2003