Cardboard City 2004 (what was in the Warwick Courier)

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:10 by Dave Tomlin

Scouts crawled inside cardboard boxes in Hatton on Saturday to gain an insight into the lives of the homeless.

Explorer sea scouts from the 2nd Warwick group constructed makeshift homes out of cardboard boxes, bin liners and tape. Once the holes were covered and a doorway was constructed, they then spent the night sleeping in their temporary homes at Shrewley Farm.

Group scout leader Nick Shacklock said: "I hope they learnt that it's not a particularly easy life being homeless, even when you have lots of time to tape together the cardboard boxes.

"It's very uncomfortable. It's not a nice way to have to live your life. I hope this encourages them to take a different view of the homeless."

Mr Shacklock said it was hard to find activities for the scouts which are both interesting and create a better understanding of a section of society.

The teenagers were joined by some of the Kenilworth Phoenix explorer scouts last weekend.

13 October 2004