Cardboard City - 2003

posted 6 Oct 2016, 07:47 by Dave Tomlin
Simon had the crazy idea of making shelters from cardboard boxes and sleeping in them, this seemed like a good idea in August in the heat?Now in October it didn?t seem like anywhere near as much of a good idea? especially as at 8:45am I was loading the trailer with cardboard it started to rain, not nice, and whats more Simon wasn?t there to join the fun?

Anyway we went to Dodd's farm and started constructing shelters, some good some mediocre and some well, I'm glad I didn't have to sleep in it?

When the "houses" had been build we took a well earned rest in the farmhouse to warm up, then it was time for food then off to the district swimming.

We won the swimming (would have been hard to loose as we were the only explorer team), so the explorers also helped with the marshalling. I stopped on the way back to the farm to get pizzas, which reminds me you never did pay me back? when I returned to the farm the explorers had lit a fire as the frost was coming down. They soon ate all my pizza (gits)We then went to bed, there was a bit of shelter swapping and a few of them didn?t get slept in, in the end but hey what can you do.

In the morning we got up and had breakfast then ceremoniously recycled (burnt) the shelters. 

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