CAMP 2010 - Incomplete

posted 6 Oct 2016, 07:46 by Dave Tomlin

Monday 26th July

Start of boating proper today, lots of fun on the water.

This evening they are playing silly camp sports (photos in the camp gallery)

The scouts went sailing, canoeing and kayaking and looked to be having a great time.

the explorers tried out the katacanoes and did some power boating, with a trip across to Poole for a bag of chips.

Wednesday 28th July 2010

Another good day on the water, with sailing in little wind this morning many happy faces and a few swims even in the light wind. this afternoon was a little windier with one or two sessions of sailing called off but a few leaders stepped in and did some joyrides, had a some crazy camp sports this evening, the explorers went and polluted the local swimming Poole, there was a slight scummy layer on the top of the water when we left..

Sunday 25th July:

Had a great journey down with the Scouts, once the coach actually arrived!  With no holdups.

It was WELL noisy though, with 65 scouts trying to make themselves heard from one end of the top deck to the other (why?) over Radio 1.  The first sweets were definitely opened before we had left Warwick, and we then stopped at the services near Newbury to top up the sugar levels a bit more.   (Pocket money now collected into 'camp bank' ready for their next retail opportunity: tuck shop.)

Having received a "bring waterproofs" text first thing, we arrived in Dorset to bright sunshine. Had a  rendevous with the mini-buses at the handy local park and ride as the coach was too big to make it down the lane to the campsite, so then arrived at the campsite in 2 shifts, into the care of Barbie and the advanced party at around midday.

The site already looked like a small village, with 2 marquees, 4 other big 'mess' tents and all the leaders and explorers sleeping tents  in place.  Plus our  huge central flagpole which must have been causing serious flagpole envy for the sea cadets down the hill.  The sea looks really inviting, and the explorers were starting to unpack boats.

Shorts on, and then a busy and cheerful afternoon was spent setting up patrol sites, beautifully spaced out in an arc, the far side of the flag from the marquee.  And whose idea was it to alternate the tents green, white, green,.....?   Very aesthetically pleasing Barbie.   The scouts had lots of help to get everything sorted out, with adults being kept on their toes with questions usually beginning with 'I can't find  .....', except for Aaron's 'Why can't I get everything back in my bag?? ', after rummaging for a change of clothes.

Stores were issued by Sue early at 4pm, so that all the basic items such as toilet roll and jam could be put away before the evenings dinner of meatballs was started.

Handed over all my messages from Mums & Dads as appropriate to Jenny  or Sally (our ex-cub leader) who would be running the medical clinic after tea. Sadly had to leave to come home for a couple of days before returning for the rest of camp .. can't wait to get out on the water.           Jane.


Friday 30th July

Today was troop sail day for the scouts....after making a packed lunch and rigging loads of boats we launched from the camp beach at about 10.30 and sailed off.  As everyone has already had a day or two of sailing this week, they were all really impressive sailors.  Laura and Emilia were hanging off the trapeze, Elaine was leaning out of her boat so far that her hair was dripping.  Max Widmer & Elaine unexpectedly took a little swim but everyone else managed to stay in their boats.  For lunch we landed on a beach adjacent to a very private nature reserve (lots of convenient trees and bushes).In the afternoon the wind got up a bit, but the sailors coped really, really well, and were still smiling when we got back to the camp site at 4.30pm

You may have seen Elinor and Vicky wearing our 'happy hats' on the photos.  That was to reward them for capsizing a mirror dinghy without any sails up!  Owen had the hat today and wore it all day whilst sailing.

Thursday evening the explorers went swimming, and the scouts have now all been over the last two evenings -  they have awesome showers, although they might have blocked up filters by now.  Owen managed to find Heart FM on the minibus radio - well done to Kay for educating him so well,  I had the Bee Gees for them all to sing along to on the way home.

The explorers had an independent day today, going to Swanage by bus and train, and playing on the beach - they are just big beavers really.

Saturday 31st July

Today the Explorers went off on their RIB trip to Freshwater bay, they were delayed by an unfortunate first for a 2nd Warwick Camp... We had a boat stolen, one of the RIBs was stolen from the moorings, we recovered the boat later in the day minus its engine (the police later got the engine back).

We set off with two borrowed RIBs to the Isle of White and Enjoyed a fast run down to the Needles then down the south side of the island to Freshwater Bay. We stopped there for lunch ferrying ourselves into shore with a rope and a smaller boat.

Unfortunately Claire tripped over coming off the boat and the next wave was enough to set off her automatic life jacket in 2" of water some hilarity and a spare life jacket were the next order of the day..