Boys Gorge Scrambling

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:36 by Dave Tomlin

PL Gorge Scrambling (Vigilant)

On the 1st Thursday of camp, while the girls were on their expeds, the vigilant PLs & SPLs went on their own exciting activity.

With Sally, Titch & Deebs we drove in the minibus to a random layby near a random stream in the middle of nowhere, in a part of the Lake District populated mainly by sheep.

We were already partly wearing wetsuits (it was a hot day!), but finished getting kitted up on the roadside, by adding spraytops & buoyancy aids. It was then a short walk down the road to where a path went down to the stream.

Our first activity was to get accustomed to the water. This involved sitting and standing down in knee high water & drenching each other. We then made our way up the stream, climbing over large rocks & up small waterfalls. The gradient varied from easy going to nearly vertical. As we went up it got darker & darker as the gully walls grew higher & steeper.

Eventually we reached the top where we rested & took photos, before having a go at the mysterious 'washing machine'. This entailed being dunked by Titch into a plunge pool at the bottom of a noisy cascade.

The way down would have been better if there had been more rain - dry rapids are not so good for sliding down!

We all really enjoyed this trip, including our leaders.

It was a great idea, & would be a good activity to do again on future camps.

Thanks for taking us.

Sam T, Swift PL