Both Xmas Disco's From Loz's Perspective

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:09 by Dave Tomlin

When you ask a normal Explorer to organize something, it will usually get done with only a slight hitch. On the other hand, when you ask C Meek to organise something, many people would think 'you've gone mad!'

It was the Saturday two weeks before the disco. I was sitting in front of my computer screen, still clad in a sweaty high-school uniform. Because I was drifting away into a binary code world of my own, I actually had no idea that it was two weeks until the disco. The only thing that reminded me of it was the orange flashing in the bottom right corner of my screen. Thanks to the luxuries of instant messaging, I soon found Meek telling me, in Lucinda Console, that there was a disco in only two weeks time. This was when the planning actually started.

On the Sunday, myself, Meek and Andi along with a few others found ourselves at Andi's pad with two laptops and a rather heavy computer (Dubbed 'Tardis' -this is another story altogether) which had just been dragged from the my house across to Andi's (on the other side of town) by Meek. After a long period of about, say, 30 seconds or so, the disco had been 'planned' and the technology in the room was being used for purely entertainment purposes thanks to Meek. We decided that we should reschedule.

The same time next week, me, Chris and Andi decided to meet up at my house. Shortly, Andi knocked on the door clasping his laptop and usual snacks for the session. Some kind of planning was finally put in to the disco within an hour or so. However one slight problem. Meek hadn't turned up. Several calls revealed that he wouldn't be there for 10 minutes then half an hour and so on and so forth. He eventually turned up just as Andi had cycled off in the opposite direction.

The day dawned upon us. The 18th December. I had arranged to meet Meek at his house at midday. At 11:45, I pulled myself out of bed. 20 minutes later, the Tardis and myself turned up on Meeks doorstep.

Tesco had proved eventful. I had insisted that they would let us borrow a trolley. Sadly, we made the mistake of asking. We found ourselves carrying back about 20 litres of drink, and 68 packs of crisps, as well as a large French stick and some squirty cheese which I called breakfast. Several bag splits and spine twists later, we were back at Meeks. The next two hours were spent using our artistic skills to wrap up the contents of pass the parcel.

At 4:30, myself and Chris appeared on the doorstep of 2wk, clad in posh shirts, blazers and jeans. Andi had already got there and was setting up the tables. Within ten minutes, everything was fine and dandy -except for the lack of one speaker, an amplifier and a Titch and a James. At 5:00, people started turning up, and we started to get panicky. A phone call to James revealed that they were 3 miles away, and that somewhere along the line, something had gone wrong with the timings. Several arguments polite discussions later and we realised we shouldn't be wasting time and should be trying to get whatever we could, sorted. I returned from the sanctuary of the gents where I had been on the phone, to the main deck. I found several stereo components that appeared to have been thrown at 2wk some time during the 50's scattered on the floor, and Chris and Andi trying to get some sound out of the one speaker and a random amplifier. I informed them that this would be like trying to get a 3 centimeter speaker to produce Mozarts 5th Symphony in the Royal Albert Hall. Defeated, Chris (with some kind help from Liz) got a game going, involving several Explorers (including myself) and leaders getting wrapped up in toilet paper. Shortly, James and Titch burst in the Exit with our missing components. A scramble of hands got everything working as fast as possible, and soon the beavers and cubs were dancing away. At the end of the beaver/cub disco, we neatened up, and sat down to dinner -which for me (due to budget problems) consisted of a pack of jelly-babies! For the others, Andi cycled up to Hot Stuff and ordered pizzas only to realise that he had no way of transporting them back to the scout hut.

The Scout/Explorer disco worked fine. 5 laptops, the Tardis and several noise-loudening devices ran the disco, without one problem at all... except for when Scott decided to pull the plugs out! After this brief silence, interrupted only by the words 'Oh, Scott!' the disco returned to its usual noisy self. This came to our relief and utmost joy.

So, after several visits from the mess-up gremlin, everything ironed out smoothly. Myself, Chris, Andi, James, Titch and several other helpers put on what we think was a rather good night.



(Explorer and DJ, MMIV)

Please note: pictures will follow soon, along with a film!