Bag packing for Jamboree 2007

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:03 by Dave Tomlin

I heard that the kids going to the World Jamboree were organising a fund raising day bag packing at my local Off-License - Sainsburys. I thought this was an activity I should support, although I couldn't quite see why people would pay money for help loading their beer, crisps, peanuts and the occasional bottle of wine into their trolley. I mean, that's what I buy from Sainsburys????

Anyway, when I go in to Sainsburys (Friday afternoon, or one evening in the week) it's never very busy, so it should be a quiet day.

Shock number 1

Sainsburys sell all sorts of things that I never buy there - fruit, vegetables, bread, cakes, meat, fish, loo rolls, wrapping paper, bottles of pop, washing up liquid. Somebody even bought a baking tray thing! And they all expected them to be put into carrier bags, then loaded into a trolley. This wouldn't have been too bad except for shock number 2

Shock number 2

There are THOUSANDS of people go to Sainsburys on a Saturday, and most of them buy stuff, and then expect it to be packed into carrier bags and loaded into a trolley.

Fortunately, I wasn't on my own. Most of the work was done by our own Jamboree contingent, Polly, Kat, Heather and Rosie, Jenny, Matt and Jim , plus eight or nine other Scouts / Explorers / Leaders from the group, and the County Commissioner. We also drafted in some of the Jamboree contingent from the rest of the district to make up the numbers in return for a share in the spoils.

We packed, we loaded, we told people who we were, what / where the world jamboree is, listened to stories of other people's scouting pasts and tried to look cheerful at all times (some of us struggled with this a bit). By 1730 I was shattered. I don't think I'll be giving up my desk job for a career in retail if I can help it, and there was one more shock in store! fortunately this was for Polly

Shock number 3

Half a bucket of change is VERY heavy, especially when you have to carry it across Sainsburys car park, and then have to stand holding it while dad finds his car keys.

The bottom line (now that it's safely in a bank rather than in a bucket in our lounge) ? we raised £1250.

And finally the thanks bit; everybody who turned up to help, everybody who contributed, Sainsburys for letting us into their store, Janet / Heather / Rosie for organising it, and Susan, Joe and Polly for counting £1250's worth of change.