A truley wicked winter weekend -2006

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:39 by Dave Tomlin

Day 1 When I arrived at the scout hut the boys where still having their meeting and so we had to wait outside in the cold!!! But it got us ready for a cold weekend. When the boys had finally finished their meeting we ran into the warm hut and dumped our bags in the girls section as the boys had already put their bags away. Whilst Titch and Shep put up the whiteboard so that we could watch a movie on the projector we were told which groups we were in: A Emma's team, B Rhiannon's team, C Bernard's and then there was team D which I was in and my leader was Ed. Once we knew our teams we got ready for the film and we ended up watching Pirates of the Caribbean which was good. When it had finished, at about 1am, Shep put the barrier up to separate us from the boys!!! We unpacked our kit and put our sleeping bags out where we were going to sleep, well you could call it sleeping, talking to our friends all night!!! Some people went to sleep and so everyone had to be quite but it turned out being quite hard and so Sally or Shep took it in turns to come out and to ask us to be quiet again! When we finally learned how to be quiet and we managed it until we saw some light come in from the sun and that was it, it was the next day and we hadn't realised, until we were told to wake up, that we had had no sleep whatsoever!

Day 2 In the morning we had to put our bags in the corner dedicated to our groups, get changed and then collect our food, cookers and tables for breakfast, we had bacon and eggs. Unfortunately, once we had finished our breakfast, Lydia and I got the fantastic job of cleaning our groups' plates, cutlery and the disgusting pans that the food was fried in! We finally managed to clear up all the mess and we had to fall in with our groups. We got told what activities we were doing; our group and Rhiannon's group were told we were doing fire lighting with Pete. We went to Sally's back garden to collect all of the wood she had collected for us, some of the wood was parts of fences and so when we walked back to the scout hut we got a few puzzled looks off the public but we carried on and walked to the woods to start building our fires in groups of 4. Luckily I was with Becky who knew how to get a good fire started. Once my group had got the fire going I had to make some dampers made from flour and water. Watching everyone else try one I felt that I had to and so I got I little bit of mixture out it, held it over the fire and then once it had been cooked I put maple syrup on and so I ate my dampers and syrup, well you could have called it syrup with a little helping of damper! I decided for the 4th time that I didn't like it and, like on every other camp, I decided not to have it again. We were joined by the other two teams which meant that we had to go and do pioneering. Once we had got to Nick we were told that we were making an obstacle course! We had to decide what we wanted to make between our four, my group decided to make a wobbly bridge but we didn't know how well it was going to work, we made it after having put our hands in probably all the mud you could see and with our hands freezing off. When we came to test it out jenny was the unlucky person to go on first, let's just say I'm glad it wasn't me falling in the puddle below! We rearranged some ropes and had another go but this time it was Becky who tried it out, she unfortunately had to follow Jenny into the hut to get a little cleaner from her fall. We decided that we needed to add a few more ropes and make a few more adjustments, everyone was sensible this time not wanting to go on it until Sophie thought 'why not'? And third time lucky, it worked, it was ready for the rest of our group to have a go! At this point we didn't realise that the whole troop was going on and when we found out we decided that maybe we did need to make it a lot stronger than it was. We went in for lunch, coated with mud! We were hungry at this point and so we left our clothes as they were and ate our lunch which was the usual sandwiches, crisps and a chocolate bar. Once we had eaten our lunch we thought that there would be no point in getting changed to go outside and do some more activities starting with chase the haggis race, which was where we had to try and catch up with whichever explorer was wearing the special hat! We chased them around the park and team C caught the Haggis. Once we had all managed to get back to the hut we were told that we were going to do a three legged race with someone else in our team. I was with Lydia and this time we had to race around Deebs then around Scott and finally back to the scout hut. We then went with our teams to do different activities; my group was chosen to do the 'throwing of balloons with porridge in them' game! We had to throw a balloon filled with porridge over a high stick and then someone on the other side had to catch it, you were lucky if it didn't explode in your hands! We moved on to the next activity which was called welly wanging, where we had to throw a welly as far as possible. It was harder then it looked because they were so slippy and we even managed to get one into someone's back garden behind us! We then moved on to the obstacle course that our team had made but we were timed as a team, let's just day that we didn't get the best time! We saved the best until last, it was a massive ball which we had to try and jump against to get past the opponents and try to score goals but unfortunately no one scored any gaols. After all of the activities we were so muddy that we had to get changed before being allowed into the swimming pool for a splosh session with a massive inflatable float that we climbed onto and jumped off, it was really good fun. All the girls decided that we wanted to get out earlier so that we could all wash our hair in time. We met outside and we all walked back to the scout hut. We arrived to make our tea which was either sweet and sour chicken or a curry; our team went for the curry. We had to clear away again but this time I didn't have to wash up. We watched Oceans 11 that night which I enjoyed whilst eating some popcorn that Sally gave to us. We all got ready for bed after Scott putting up the barrier weirdly but in away it was better because the girls had the same amount of room as the boys rather then the boys having most of it and us squashing up. This time most people decided that they would sleep because we were walking the next day. We went to sleep but we couldn't go to bed too soon because it was Pauls birthday and so we sang to him and he had a cake. Day 3 After Doug turning on the lights and telling us to wake up we got up for breakfast and then we got in to the groups we had been put in to for the hike, I was the APL of Jack's team. It was interesting when we were in Leek Wootton when we hid from Bernard's group and the field we dived into to hide, ended up being a private field but then they watched us go down the road and Nick and the explorers come to steal the missile off us and we tried to get the mad scientist, well this all ended up with the farmers calling the police saying that we had been involved with a major assault, it probably looked like it when we dragged Scott out of the car to get the missile off him and then Jack fighting with Steve so that Steve couldn't get the missile! Once we had got back to the scout hut we were meant to try to plant the missile in the chavs base but our team, the skaters, and the other team, the chavs, decided that we should join together and become on big team to defeat the explores, we decided to get a log and out some tape on it so that the explores would think that it was the bomb and chase the wrong person but this didn't really work out very well, it ended up with everyone fighting over the mad scientist which got a bit rough and so we decided to call it a draw. It was an excellent weekend and I would like to thank Doug for organizing it!!!