A Great Afternoon Kayaking

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:38 by Dave Tomlin
Just want to tell everyone about the fun we have had this afternoon. Doug C had organised some kayaking. Six of us went down, three scouts (including myself), two explorers and Doug. We all arrived, got changed and headed up to Rock Mill.
Along the way, we played various games, like paddling with only one arm. Definitely easier said than done. When we arrived at Rock Mill, we all got out, and went to 'Access the Weir.' It was deemed safe enough, so we all launched the other side of it, and got ready for some fun.
We all had a few shots; most of us did it three times. Fortunately nobody got wet, but little did we know our fortunes were about to change. We left for home, and Ed decided to do a high brace. It was higher than he expected and he soon got very wet. After rescuing him, we paddled back to the hut.
I got out to put some hot water on, and then got back on. We did a couple of Eskimo rescues then decided to get off. All the boats were put away and we got changed then we all went upstairs and had a hot drink. Five o'clock came and we all went home. What a GREAT AFTERNOON.
The thing is though, how many people are there in our troop? Consider how only six people made it down here this afternoon. I think we can do better than that. If Doug is going to spend his free time doing activities like this, we should all do our best to support him. If you don?t want to do things like this, why are you a sea scout?